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This is a lemon that contains adult material (sex for all the dummy's out there) and if you are under 18 then you can't read this (frankly I don't give a damn lets say if your old enough to know what sex is you can read this)

I do not own digimon. Toei animation and Fox Kids do.

This is an ongoing series.

Narrator: Last time on digimon, the Crystalcrests Z series: Ken captured Cody so the others made a plan to save him. Kari, Davis, Gatomon and Veemon went ahead to search for a safe place while Yolei, TK, Patamon, Poromon and Upamon went after food, stuff to sleep and to tell their parents that they will be staying at the digiworld. Tai heard off Cody's capture and was going to go after the 'old' chosen so Yolei and the others wait for him. Meanwhile in the digiworld Veemon told his love for Gatomon for him and they had sex and now there a couple but when they went back to the cave where Davis and Kari where waiting, Gatomon and Veemon noticed that Davis and Kari where acting weird. I wonder why.

The Crystalcrests Z series 2: Secrets Come Out coupling: Davis/Kari (Daikari)

By The Ganjamancer

“What is keeping him?” Yolei asked angry that Tai was gone for so long. “Davis and Kari are already gone for 2 hours who knows what happened too them.”
“Yolei, calm down, Tai will be back soon.” Poromon told her hoping she will calm down.
“Well he better be here soon.” Yolei said to her partner. Just then Tai and the rest off the group came in.
“Finally.” Yolei said to them.
“We would have been here sooner but Mimi wanted to change her clothes.” Tai told Yolei.
“What, there is nothing as irritating as bad clothes to walk and run.” Mimi said with her usual innocent look on her face.
“Where is Izzy?” TK asked seeing Izzy wasn't with the others.
“He is coming later but now he is onto his computer searching for more digimon, when we got them all we will go to where Davis and Kari are waiting for us.” Matt told his brother.
“I can't watt to see Biyomon again even if it's in these troubles.” Sora said happy and sad at the same time.
“Yeah, I can't wait either to see Palmon again.” Mimi replied.
“We all want to see our digimon again but this will be no fun trip you guys.” Joe told the group.
“Yep definitely not, who knows what the digimon emperor has set up for us.” Patamon said.
“Whatever it is, we need to save Cody.” Upamon shouted out.
“Don't worry, as soon as Izzy found our digimon we go to the digiworld, meet up with Davis and Kari and save Cody.” Tai told the worried digimon.
“He better find them soon.” Yolei shouted out again.
“Yolei why are you so angry?” Tai asked the girl.
“I don't know, it's just I know Cody for so long and I'm not even helping him right now.” Yolei said calming down.
“Yolei, we can't do a thing right now, just wait we will go to the digiworld soon and then defeat the digimon emperor and save Cody.” TK told her
“Yea your right, thank you for the pep talk TK.” Yolei told him. “I just hope that fuck isn't hurting Cody.” Yolei said. The others remained in silent.

“WORMMON, WHERE ARE YOU?” Ken shouted to his digimon partner. The green bug digimon came crawling to his master.
“I'm here master.” Wormon said to Ken.
“Why are almost all control spires in the beta section destroyed?” Ken asked his digimon while he pointed to a map of the digiworld
“I'm sorry master, I didn't even see it.” Wormon said back too Ken.
“IDIOT.” Ken shouted to the bug digimon. “I'm surrounded by idiots, no wonder those children where able to defeat me before.”
“But mast...” Wormon said before he was cut short by Ken.
“Luckily I still have you.” Ken said to a dark spot in a corner where a figure was sitting.
“You shouldn't be so mean to the insect, he can't help it that he is weak.” The figure said to Ken. Ken just laughed and thought<With you those digidestenid have no chance, the digiworld is mine>
“Master what about the beta section?” Wormon asked his master.
“Send General White and his forces to the place, tell him we need them ALIVE.” Ken told the digimon before he walked away. Wormon went to a computer and typed in the message before he e-mailed it to General White.
“I still don't get why Ken uses colors to call his generals.” Wormon said to the figure in the dark. The figure remained silent. <Must not be a big talker>Wormmon said in himself.
“I just don't like to talk.” The figure said to Wormon.
“How did you know what I was thinking?” Wormon asked surprised to the figure.
“Simple, I can read minds.” He told him before he disappeared. Wormon stood there in confusion.

“Huh?” A Bakemon said when the computer made a sound telling that an email has been send true. He was in a room full of computers and other electronic devices with a couple of Bakemon operating them.
“Tell General White that the digimon emperor has a important message for him.” A Bakemon said to another. The Bakemon left the room and went to a hallway until it reached a golden door. He went in and he was in a very big room that was fitted for a king.
“What are you doing here?” General White asked the Bakemon.
“Forgive me, but the digimon emperor has a important message for you.” The Bakemon told General White. When he heard this he immediately went to the computer room and read the message.
“Summon all my forces.” General White ordered to a Bakemon. The Bakemon went to a computer and pressed a few buttons. A siren went off and every digimon in the base went to a meeting point. The meeting point was full in two minutes. There where Bakumon, Gazimon, Vilemon and Snimon. General White came to the place too.
“We will be going to beta section, there we will find some children and digimon and our master wants them alive so do not harm the children and only injure their digimon.” He told his troops before he flew off with his flying troops, the Gazimon were carried by the Snimon.

*Meanwhile in another place in the digiworld.*
“How can Davis sleep at a time like this?” Gatomon asked.
“I think I know why.” Kari said softly to herself.
“Huh?” Veemon said not fully understanding what Kari said. Kari saw that Veemon heard what she said and began blushing. Veemon and Gatomon both saw it but didn't say anything.
“I'm going to go outside to see if the others are coming.” Gatomon said.
“Wait, I’ll go with you.” Veemon said while he winked at Gatomon. Gatomon smiled back at him but saw that Kari was looking at them and quickly stopped smiling and walked out off the cave followed by Veemon. Kari was lost in her thought when she looked at the sleeping Davis. <I still can't belief what happened two hours ago, I thought I knew Davis and then he turns out to be a whole different person>
“Kari.” Davis said into his sleep.
“How cute, is he dreaming of me/” She said softly to herself again.
“Will you marry me?” Davis asked still sleeping.
<Holy shit he is dreaming of proposing to me>Kari thought into herself. <He really loves me, I still can't belief it>she said while she thought about earlier.
“Common Kari lets go in, it looks safe.” Davis told her while he walked into the cave followed by Kari.
“Wow this is a very big cave.” Kari said.
“Well all the better, if we will be staying with a small group we will have plenty of room left.” Davis said to Kari while he walked deeper into the cave.
“Davis, don't go in that far, it's getting darker and darker the deeper you go.” Kari said while she walked behind Davis but he didn't listen and walked in deeper. Kari ran behind him and hit a rock with her feet. She felt down and hurt her left ankle. Davis heard her fell and quickly ran towards her.
“Kari, are you ok?” He asked with a scared look onto his face
“Dose it look like I'm ok.” She said angry to him but became her normal calm temperament quickly again.
“I'm sorry, it's all my fault.” Davis apologized to her.
“Yes it is.” Kari said laughing but Davis got an even more scared look onto his face. “I was kidding Davis, it's not your fault.”
“Here let me take a look.” Davis said. Kari was about to say something when Davis took of her left shoe and sock.
“Dose it hurt when I do this?” Davis asked Kari while he was rubbing onto her ankle. Kari was actually lost in pleasure from Davis sweet rubbing and let out a little moan. Davis heard it but thought it was because she was hurt and stopped rubbing.
“Why did you stop Davis?” Kari asked him.
“Huh?” Davis was surprised that she said that but tried to act like nothing weird has happened. “Can you walk?”
“No my ankle is probably bruised.” Kari told him.
“Um Kari don't think anything weird of what I'm about to do.” Davis said. Kari didn't understand it until Davis lifted her up and carried her more to the exit off the cave to a more comfortable spot. "Wait here, I go after your shoe and sock." He said to her before he went back after the stuff. Kari meanwhile was thinking about what just happened<What the fuck just happened, Davis rubbed my ankle and I became hot from his rubbing, oh no I'm getting feelings for Davis? >She was questioning into herself<But I have feelings for TK right? But on the other hand I also had a small crush on Davis but seeing this sweet side of him just made me more attracted to him, I know, I ask why he always had a crush on me and then I see if he is a sweet guy or just another macho>She was in a battle with her own thought until Davis came back with her shoe and sock.
“Kari can I putt your sock and shoe back on?” Davis asked her. She nodded to Davis who putted her sock onto her foot<Oh god this feels so good and he isn't even touching my personal areas, I wonder how it wood feel there>Kari thought to herself. Davis was also in a small battle with his thoughts. <Man her skin is so soft. No Davis don't think about that. But she is just so beautiful and soft. Oh no don't you start too>He said that last thought mend to his stiffening manhood. After he putted on her sock he putted on her shoe. Kari looked into Davis eyes and he looked back into hers. They both started to put their mouths to each other. There lips made contact just barely the first time, the second time a little longer and the third time didn't seem too end.
When they broke the kiss Davis finally understood what happened. “Kari?” He asked confused that she kissed him back.
“What, you didn't like that?” Kari said a little disappointed.
“No, I liked it but why did you do it, didn't you have something for TK?” Davis asked her.
“Davis there is something I need to tell you but can you answer a question for me first?” Kari asked him back.
“Sure ask away.” Davis replied.
“Why did you have a crush on me the first time you saw me?” She asked him.
“Do you remember when we first met?” He asked her. Kari nodded. “I was walking in the park and you where playing soccer with some of your friends.” He told her while he continued. “You kicked the ball right in front of me and I felt over it.” They both laughed a little remembering that. “Everyone was laughing with me but you didn't, instead you asked me if I was all right. When I heard that voice it was like a angel that I heard.”
“Wait you had a crush on me for my voice?” Kari asked him.
“No when I got to know you better everything about you was so amazing that I just fell in love with you and I still am.” Davis told her. <Man I completely misjudged Davis, I thought he was only interested for my looks> "Davis and what about my looks?" Kari asked him.
“To tell you the truth, I don't care about looks.” He told her. “But with your looks it's hard not to.” He said sarcastically.
“Oh Davis.” Kari yelled out before she jumped on him and kissed him again. Davis not knowing what to do just closed his eyes and kissed her back. After a minute or so he got more bravely and opened his mouth and let his tongue out. Kari felt this and opened her mouth too. Both off them were now exploring each other mouths. After a couple of minutes they finally broke the kiss.
“Why did you do that for?” Davis asked her but immediately thought in himself <You idiot you’re messing it up>
“Davis now is the time to tell you my secret.” Kari said to Davis. “When I first saw you I sort of had a crush on you but then came TK and you acted jealous and I began moving closer to TK but I still have my crush on you and now that I seen the real you...” She trailed off at the end
“What?” He asked her.
“Daisuke Motomiya, I love you.” Kari told him. Davis didn't know what to do. Those words that he always wanted to hear from Kari she finally said to him but he for ones he didn't know how to proceed.
Finally he spoke back to her. “Hikari Kamiya, I love you too.” With that said they both kissed each other again but this time much more passionate. Davis instincts took over and he took his left hand and placed it onto her left breast. He slowly rubbed it while he kissed Kari but then he felt that Kari was not wearing any bra. He putted his other hand onto her other breast and began rubbing her stiffening nipples She moaned into the kiss when she felt the attention that her breasts where getting. Davis broke the kiss only to lift off her shirt and her camera before he lowered his mouth to Kari's again. Now that Kari was naked from the top her breasts felt more pleasure when Davis was squeezing them. She began rubbing Davis pants where she felt a bulge. Davis stopped kissing Kari again and she let out a disappointed moan. But that quickly changed when Davis lowered his mouth to her left breast and began flick her nipple with his tongue. She grabbed the back off his head and pushed it against her breast. Davis stopped flicking her nipple and began sucking onto it. Kari was letting out loud moans off Davis treatment and rubbed the bulge even faster while her other hand that was on Davis head lowered to her own yellow pants and started to unbuttoned it. Davis saw this and helped her with her pants. When it was fully unbuttoned she grabbed Davis head and took it off her breast.
“Is something wrong?” Davis asked the young girl.
“No nothing is wrong my love.” She said to him. Those last two words went to Davis hart when he heard those words and he became even happier than he already was. She got up and her pants felt down. Davis began drooling a little at the site before him. Kari was now only wearing her white panties. She walked over to him and took off his flame jacket and t-shirt rubbing onto his now naked chest. Davis breathing became heavier. She stopped rubbing his chest and unbuttoned his pants. She took off his pants while she looked at a smiling face off Davis. When the pants where off she started rubbing through his boxers but took them off a couple off seconds later. When she saw Davis 7-inch long cock she didn't belief her eyes <Wow he is VERY big> Kari said in herself. She grabbed Davis throbbing member and began stroking it. Davis was letting out loud moans from Kari's treatment. Kari wanted to try something and licked the head off Davis cock. Davis was even moaning louder now. Kari heard Davis moans and knew that she did something good so she took in the head off Davis cock. She slowly bobbed her head up and down taking more and more in of Davis cock until she began to gag.
“Kari it feels so good, whatever you do don't stop.” Davis yelled to her. She began to suck him off even harder. Davis didn't hold out and came into her mouth. “KARI.” He yelled while he came. Kari was surprised when wave after wave off cum shot out in her throat but she swallowed anyway.
“Oh god that was so good thank you Kari.” Davis said to her a little out off breath.
“Happy to serve.” Kari said back with a big smile onto her face. Davis saw the smile and smiled back at her.
“Kari now it's your turn.” He told her before he did her panties off and rubbed her outer lips with his hand. Kari moaned Davis name when he did this. He placed his mouth over her womanhood and pushed his tongue in it. He felt her clit and started to lick over it. This was too much for Kari and she came.
“OH SHIT DAVIS I'M CUMMING.” She yelled out load when she came.
“Oh Kari, I love you thanks for letting me do that.” Davis said to her while he held her in an embrace.
“It's not over yet.” She told him. Davis stood there with a puzzled face. “Davis I want you to take my innocence.”
“Wow Kari do you mean it?” Davis asked her. She nodded in agreement. “Well if you want me to then I do it but are you really sure?”
“Yes I am Davis please take it, I want the one that loves me to have it.” Kari said to him while she planted a kiss onto Davis lips. Davis stopped the kiss and walked to his pants to take out his wallet. He opened his wallet and took out a condom.
“Well someone had high hopes.” Kari said to Davis who blushed a little. She saw him blush and let out a smile meaning she was joking with him. Davis ripped the package off the condom open and unrolled it onto his cock. He walked over to Kari and placed his cock right at her opening. He looked into her eyes and she nodded. He placed his lips to kiss her while he trusted in her breaking her hymen causing Kari to moan on pain.
“I'm sorry Kari but it will soon be better.” Davis told her when he heard her moan out in pain. He waited until he saw Kari's face clear up a little and humped very slow into her. She began moaning so Davis speeded up his humping.
“Oh god Kari, I can't hold out much longer.” Davis yelled too her.
“Please try to hold out, I can almost feel it.” She yelled back at him. With one final trust Davis went as deep as he can in her pussy causing both off them to cum. She came all over Davis while he came into the condom.
“DAVIS.” Kari yelled.
“KARI.” Davis yelled back.
“I LOVE YOU.” They both yelled together. They both collapsed onto the floor in an embrace.
“Davis?” Kari said to him.
“Yea.” Davis replied while gasping after air.
“Will you be my boyfriend?” She asked him.
“Of course I will.” He said while he hugged her.
“Davis, Kari.” They both heard 2 voices yell.
“Oh no those voices, that are Gatomon and Veemon they can't find us like this.” Kari yelled while she started to putt on her clothes. Davis did the same and just in time right before Gatomon and Veemon came in.
<End flashback>
She laid herself next to Davis who was still sleeping. “I love you Davis.” She whispered into his ear before she took his hand and pullet it over her falling asleep next to him.

Meanwhile in the border off the beta section was a small army off digimon that just arrived.
“Scouts.” General White yelled out. Some Bakumon came to him. “Search every inch off the beta section until you find those children and report back to me when you found them.” He ordered to the Bakumon. The Bakumon took off each in a different direction. <Soon the digidestenid will be no more>He thought in himself while he started laughing.

Who is General White and will he succeed in capturing the digidestenid and who is the mysterious figure that was in Ken's base. If you want to know the answer to these questions join us next time for Digimon, The Crystalcrests Z series 3: Let The Games Begin.

Yea part 2 finished, just so you now I’m a big Daikari fan so there will be lots of Daikari in it. Sorry for all the Takari fans but don’t worry, I don’t bash TK because he is one of my favorite characters and later he will find a girl so TK will not be lonely. And don’t forget to email me for a request but also to tell me how you like or hate my lemon at the_ganjamancer@hotmail.com

TK: Really, who please tell me?
Ganjamancer (me): Sorry it’s a secret because it’s a new girl (not a digidestenid)
TK: But I want to now.
Ganjamancer: Sorry I’m letting you have some fun in part 5.
TK: But that’s still 3 parts, I can’t wait that long.
Ganjamancer: Sorry TK but don’t worry I promise you that it will be worth the wait.
TK: Well ok.