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Keep reading I know where you live.
Veiled Chameleons
So you 're wondering why I have a  cricket being eaten by a chameleon. I did that because I wanted to so shut up.
I have veiled chameleons I have two females and a male now I will tell you some facts about veiled chameleons
then we can talk about video games TV shows and other cool things like canned cheese.

mine sunburst

Veiled chameleons are cool lizards and they come in a lot of colors and sizes. I have two blue sunburst and one orange sunburst.
These lizards are slow but powerful if you leave a male and female together the female will bite off tails legs and eyes.
They will grow to the size of 25 inches and they will always leave their mouths open so don't touch their mouths or backs.
When they are under two months old you can't feed them mealworms because their digestive systems arent very strong and the mealworms
eat their stomach and eat until they are out of the chameleon killing it.
This is the size of my babies but the disign will change when they get older and they will look like the ones above.
(left orange sunburst right blue sunburst.)
They need UVB light and hot basking areas they bask at 90 to 100 degrees farenhieght .( desert animals )
The best bulb to get is a mercury vapor bulbs they are 80.00 but they last two years and they stimulate feeding and groth activity .
They also stimulate good color so if you want a good colored chameleon buy one now.

Thats all for my chameleons and now on to the TV and the video games.
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