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Wednesday, 18 February 2004
Oh great. Okay then. Im nine, Ilive in the country with a 13 year old sister which is a pain in the @$$.. My mom would kill me if I said that.. I live acctually in the city with my dad, my mom lives here in the country tho. So Im up here for a week.
Up north is okay, I guess. Not for a nine year old.. Deanna ((13)) never plays outside with me sooo.. I just sit on the PC all day peeling my eyes open. **yawn**
Ur probably thinking: Why is a little girl on angelfire... Blogging???
Or Better Yet: Awww.. The little girl posting her life!!!!
Save it!
I spend my PC time wisely. Getting free stuff off the internet. And what do I get? Another "FREAK ON INTERNET" lecture from my dad...
"Oh Cassie, you have to be careful" or on msn: "WHO ARE YOU TALKINGTO?!?"
He needs to chillax...
You can get alot of stuff offthe PC.. go on and put in anything you want... As long as you also type in: free
Ive tried:
Free Purfume Samples
Free Makeup
Free Fake Body Jewelry

Yeah...Livin the life of a computer junkie isnt hard...
Anyway, I'll post l8er on...

((i kno alot of "slang" bcuz of Deanna))

Posted by clone2/cassiesweb at 2:39 PM EST
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