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Hi! This is our webpage! (DUH!) I would just like to take this opportunity to say: We, the A.F.H.N. DO NOT have "contests" or "games" we have "FUN" and we do not reward the "FUN" players with "PRIZES" :) (Good, it's all legal now)

NEWBIE PACK REQUIREMENTS: You MUST have belonged to our guild for at least ONE week and have posted at least 5 messages (not just about newbie packs, or useless messages like doo dee doo, either) To get your newbie pack, click on the link at the bottom of this page that says Zara's Trades, (or the banner above), that will send you to where I keep the newbie packs and emergency food packs, all you have to do is bid a junk item when you meet our requirements and I will accept it... In case of 2 bids on the same one, I will neomail the person who bid second and ask them to choose a different newbie pack...

PLEASE make sure you donate, the more you donate, the better the presents and newbie packs will be. Every little bit helps! Also, if you'd like to donate any item, just send it to me... Plus, the odds of your guild rank improving increases the more you donate!

Click above for game help, calendar, and MORE! :)

Members of the Month!

Every Month! Members can nominate who they think should be MOTM (up to 5 nominations by the 25th of each month) then we'll post a poll asking which member should be MOTM, which will be announced around the 1st of the month (Depends when I'm free LOL).

Loser Of The Month!

Or, a nicer term is Most Embarassing/Stupidest Moment! Below I will post the loser's story, as told by the loser (No editing is done)

KRAZIE70601: This story is more of embarrassing than anything else....And just remember this is no thanks to ashstar....Well this story takes place when my grandmother came out to visit....On the first night upon arriving to New Orleans to show my grandma a good time in the big easy....Well the first night after making the long 3 hour drive (with 3 kids) and searching the French quarters for a visitors center to find the best hotel deal....We were really we finally find a hotel and get a room. So then we decide that we are gonna go get something for dinner and we run down to the local IHOP for dinner... after about the longest meal we could possible have do to the poor service we return to the hotel. Once we get there we realize that we had promised the kids they could go swimming, so off to the pool we go. We are out there at the pool and just swimming away having a blast. Well soon after we get down to the pool a group of about 8 people show up and are sitting at one of the tables there along side of the pool having some beers. Then out of the blue my son Dakota says he has to go to the bathroom. ...Well miss ashstar under her breath says go use the bush... well thats all it took and my son with is super sonic hearing heard what she said. So next thing I know I turn around and my son has his swim trunks down at his ankles. I tell him to pull his shorts up and I would take him to the bathroom, but since he realized that everybody was laughing including ashstar and the 8 other people at the pool he starting showing off. Yes with his shorts around his ankles he is running around laughing and searching all the bushes, just like a dog searching for his territory. Well it finally got to the point where I had to ok him to go in the bush cause every time I got near him he would run from me....and of coarse this hole time ashstar is busting at the seams laughing, while I am in shock that he is running around butt he finally finds the perfect bush and goes to the bathroom and trust me just like a typical man he had to show off doing that too, dancing around and all while going to the bathroom. I was horrified...I just couldnít believe the whole pool thought it was so funny and just laughing as you can see miss ashstar is the reason for my embarrassment. And ashstar all she could say was at least he didnít go in the pool!

Scavenger Hunt! First come first served (wink)! Add all the items to a trade, with the answer to the word scramble in the trade wishlist, then neomail me when the trade is up so I can see it all at once!


Lark213 has had a BRILLIANT idea!!! Once a week or so (no set time) she or I will post a message saying "It Pays To Be Active" or something along those lines. Whomever responds to it first :)

Mystery Pic FUN!!! On the 5th and 15th of every month (maybe more often if it becomes popular) I will post the mystery pic. The first person to correctly guess it (NEOMAIL ONLY) :)

Guild Super Lottery!!! In my trades I have junk items reserved for lottery tickets, just bid 50NP for every ticket you want! (Multiples of 50NP per ticket if you want more than one) this is a good way of donating. :)

Theme Donation Drive: None right now Send me any itemThe amount of points you get depends on how many items you donate. All items collected will go to help the guild.

Employment Opportunities:

None for now-keep checking back!

Upcoming FUN:

Storytelling FUN - I'll post a list of 10 words to be used in a short story. I will pick the best one and it will be posted here (Occassional?) (C/O Xena2564 and Kikara)

Beauty FUN - Just like the Beauty Contest for your pets. I dunno if we'll have voting, maybe. (Occassional?) (C/O Xena2564)

New to Neopets? Here are some tips:

1) Open a shop, but keep it as small as possible. Sell everything you get, even the junk. Check your prices with the shop wizard and keep them low but fair. To sell the items for sure, price them at 1NP below the cheapest shop wiz price.

2) Keep your eye open for scams: Do not let someone "baby-sit" your account. They WILL steal it. It happened to me. If someone says "bid on this item" or "buy this item from my shop" and they will "give you a baby paint brush" it is a scam, don't do it. If something seems too good to be true, it probably is. Posting a bunch of messages or trades will not get you a paint brush or anything. It will only get you in trouble. Never give anyone any NP or items in exchange for some type of "secret." You can NOT I repeat NOT get NP or items from any website that does not begin with Do not go to just anyone's non-neopets website-it could have a thing called a "cookie-grabber" this can steal your Neopets user name and password. If you want to know where a "secret land" exists, or even if it does exist, just ask someone, a council member, or even in the Help Chats. They will tell you for free. If you're unsure about something, ask a neofriend or member of the guild.

3) Do not beg for items or NP. This is rude and no one likes it. We all start out with the same amount of NP and items, we get our NP and items by playing games, selling our items, doing what we can to make our NP.

4) You can get free stuff every day such as: 1 free omelette in Tyrannia on the Plateau, a free spin on the Tombola on Mystery Island and the Fruit Machine in the Lost Desert, a free visit to Coltzan's Shrine in the Lost Desert, which could get you levels, food, even dubloons and MORE! You can go to the healing springs in Faerieland every half hour, so if your pet's hit points are down, or if they're sick, you can get healed for free.

5)Do not spend your NP on stuff you don't need. Your pets don't actually live in the Neohome, it's just a way to waste your NP to show off (it is fun, though, so when you have NP to spare, you could get one, but it's expensive), Don't paint your pets (Again, wait until you have lots of NP to spare) and you can keep your pets stuffed for 5NP per day-just put them in the neolodge in the cheapest hotel (Cockroack hotel I think it's called) and that only costs 25NP for 5 days. Then they will probably not be hungry for another 5 days after that!

Guild Rules
I hate to use the term rules though. It's more like standards we should all keep to maintain such a great guild :)

1) Please show respect for other members, and their ideas and beliefs. If you do not share them, please keep any negative comments to yourself (unless it's in good fun, such as "nah, I'm not a big fan of harry Potter myself")
2) If you want to invite any person to join the guild you *MUST* have conversations with ALL council members first and give them reasons why they would or we would benefit from having them in the guild, even if you are on council yourself. Once all council members have told you that they would like that person in the guild, then you may invite them. You are taking responsibility of the person or persons you invite. If you have convinced council that they are good for the guild and then they end up doing something that causes them to be kicked out, that falls on you, you will not be able to invite any members for up to a month after. This is for the good of the guild.
We don't have many rules here but I think you'll all agree that this is a good policy. I'm sorry for being so harsh, but I feel it's for the good of the guild.
3) Have fun :)

^o^ -Zara

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