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Date: 25 May 07:04 (PDT)


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From: "shirley dicks"

Subject: address change

Sorry if you're on another list that I've cross posted but our address has changed and wanted to let you know about it. The Jeff Dicks Medical Coalition had to change to a new egroup because we were filled with porn and advertisements on our list and Yahoo couldn't or wouldn't fix it. We had to go on moderated messages for awhile, then decided just to delete the list and make a new one. The web site however is still the same,

Has your list been plagued with the advertisements and porn like ours, or are we the target of someone who does not want us to help prisoners with their medical care. I know we are getting more and more success cases as we grow and as more prisoners hear of us through the newsletters and word of mouth. We've been trying to get more families of prisoners involved for a long time because only by their participation can we win against the many medical abuses going on in the system.

We also have a catalog for prisoners wishing to send gifts to their loved ones and for four stamps will mail one to your prisoner. You can also sign up for our newsletter with all the info six times a year on our web site. If you'd like your loved one to get our first issue of the Lonesome Dove Review Newsletter, contact me off list at and I will get one in the mail.

The new group is now at [NOTE FROM MODERATOR: BEWARE - WE HAVE ALSO EXPERIENCED INTERCEPTS WITH THE CAPS AND NUMBERS IN EMAIL ADDRESSES.] It's too bad that people set out to ruin things when we work for prisoners and so far none has been done on the death penalty groups. If they thought it would close us down, they were mistaken. If anyone would like to join us you're more than welcome. We're now officially a non profit organization and moving onward. By joining forces we can stamp out medical abuses in our prison system.

The power we'd have if all prisoners families joined in the fight would stop them from killing our loved ones in the prison. We outnumber them. It's just a matter of families who want to ensure their loved one won't die behind the bars if something should happen to them, an illness that could kill them without treatment should join. All it means is writing a few letters a month on someone's behalf, and who knows, in the future it could be your loved one who's life we've saved. Anyway, wanted to find out if any other list was having problems with this, and to give our new address.....Shirley

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