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transmogrify - music

Andy with guitar, Ron eating

As of January 5th, 2002, Transmogrify released their first full album, entitled Timmy, Age 5! It is a medley of several genres of music for your listening pleasure. The featured tracks of the album are Green Style, Two Footed Driving, Blitz, and TMU. On the CD you can also find our older fan favorites, such as Toucan, Proposition M (for Moron), and the death-metal/pop-punk classic Swarms of DoomLocusts!

Our MP3's are condensed into .ZIP files. You will need WinZip to extract them. The songs and run-times:

1.) Blitz - (2:12)
2.) Fight Me I'll Win - (1:34)
3.) Toucan - (1:57)
4.) Green Style - (2:59)
5.) Calypson the Spanish Music Robot - (1:41)
6.) Swarms of DoomLocusts - (1:46)
7.) Two Footed Driving - (1:30)
8.) Cloud - (3:01)
9.) TMU - (2:10)
10.) Proposition M (For Moron) - (2:37)

Timmy, Age 5 is available for purchase for only $5.00! E-mail Matt at to inquire about purchasing it.