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transmogrify - stats / bios

Andy looks grumpy

Franch - Vocals

Name: Frank Alvarez
Instrument(s): Microphone
Nickname: Franch, the Franch-ise, Rak Van Frazle, "Hey you," Frank Alvarez: The Cuban
Birthday: 05-18-83
Favorite Bands: 311, Pearl Jam, Greenday, old school stuff
Main Influences: Nick Hexum, S.A., James Brown, Robert Plant, Jello Biafra
Misc. Info: Taking a break from his days as a card player making money off of poor suckers who don't know how to play poker, Frank now writes music as well as lyrics for the band. All those silly lyrics in the sounds of Transmogrify? Yeah, he helped write them. Neat, eh? The best part about being in T-Mog is the fans, according to Franch.

Ron - Vocals

Name: Aaron Shayne
Instrument(s): Microphone, trombone
Nickname: Ron
Birthday: 03-28-86
Favorite Bands: Bob Marley, Sublime, The Urge, John Coltrane, Cake, Stevie Wonder, Stevie Ray Vaughn
Main Influences: S.A., Bob Marley, Steve Ewing
Misc. Info: Aaron started out as just a fan of the early (and doomed) band, Kayfabe. He would occasionally do vocals for this start-up project, singing such classics as "Simmy" and "The Yellow Shirt Song." Aaron is a Garfield fan and proud of it. Calvin and Hobbes is on the top of his "Boo List." He is INSANE.
Special Quote: "Guys... all I want to do is go inside and have some Kix." "Boogedy-boogedy-boo!"

Andy - Lead Guitar

Name: Andy Trost
Nickname: Koosh
Instrument(s): Lead guitar (PRS Santana SE, forest green, named "Zanka")
Birthday: 08-18-85
Favorite Bands: 311, Metallica, The Urge, Pomeroy
Main Influences: Tim Mahoney, Kim Thayil, Nick Hexum, Dan Estrin
Misc. Info: West County, Andy was raised. On the playground was where he spent most of his days. Chillin' out, maxin' & relaxin' all cool and shootin' some b-ball outside of a-school, when a couple of guys (Frank and Ron) who were up to no good a-started playin' music in his neighborhood....
Special Quote: "Leave it at about an inch."

Matt - Bass Guitar

Name: Matt Trost
Instrument(s): Bass guitar (Fender p-bass, black)
Nickname: "The Quiet One"; The Hip Judge, Captain Nintendo
Birthday: 02-07-83
Favorite Bands: Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Modest Mouse, 311
Main Influences: P-Nut, Matt Freeman, Dave Karns
Misc. Info: Matt is a reggae bassist pretending to be a punk bassist hiding under the guise of a funk bassist. He likes to act like a tormented writer by cringing and screaming "Angst!" whenever everyone else is quiet. He's got rhythm, he's got music, and NO, he couldn't ask for anything more.
Special Quote: "Nobody understands me!"

D Money - Drums

Name: David Watt
Instrument(s): Drums, maracas
Nickname: D Money, D, Dirty Dave
Birthday: 12-21-85
Favorite Bands: The Police, The Decendants, BCR, James Brown, NOFX, Rancid
Main Influences: Travis Barker, Chad Sexton, Terry bozzio, Chad Smith, Adrian Young
Misc. Info: Dave resides in "beautiful" Clayton. In his spare time he does very little, however you can often catch him sleeping or watching re-runs of Boy Meets World. Dave has been playing the drums for 5 years now. He should really pratice more often because he really sucks. Anytime you see Dave, you should tell him he needs to pratice, because he sucks. Tell him that. You could even e-mail him telling him to pratice more... because he sucks.
Special Quote: "It's all gravy, dude."