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Test Taken: 19th Novemeber 2002 , 11.30pm
Time finished, 12.00am

Everything you would EVER want to know about me..well almost


How are you: I'm tired n sick but in a gud mood.
Name: Suzi
What do you wish your name was, instead of Suzi: Cameo,Ashley,Rina,
Nicknames: blondie,bimbo,dumbass,suchi,evil,sue,physco,moozi,
Screen name[s]: Physco let loose
Age: 15
Grade: 4th year (Ireland grade wise)
Sex: girl
Piercings: ear lobes belly button n had nose n will get it re-done at Easter
Tattoos: none but i'd like 1 of a rose on my hip sumday
Shoe size: 5 n a half(UK size)
Birthday: May 11th 1987
Zodiac sign: Taurus
Hospital where you were born: Ratunda Hospital Dublin
Location: Dublin
Height: 5,4 I think!
Hair Color: blonde
Hair length: a bit past my shoulders
Big Hands or Small Hands: small (I think)
Eye color: brown
Siblings: 1 sister Laura
Parents names: Jackie and Gordon
Hobbies: shopping, sleeping, sports, hanging wit friends, yano.. tv, music , etc..


Crush: Ah! this guy in 5th year (Ireland grade wise) n loadsa famous lads including : Duncan from Blue , Vin Diesel , Romeo So solid , Nelly n Ja Rule!
Boyfriend: none
If you could go out with anyone in the world, who would it be?: *SECRET* cuz I kno him!
When and who was your 1st crush?: Well there was 2 , Mark a guy I used to know when I was 8ish.. or Sum of d guys in Greace
What do you first notice about the opposite sex?: hair , eyes and body
Your idea of a perfect date: A fun date.
Are you romantic: I duno mayb
Biggest turn-on: dark as in : brown eyes dark hair n tanned o n bad guys!!
Ideal guy: Who knows. At the moment Nelly.
Most sweetest thing that happened to you today: nothin
Memory [thing] you miss most: Primary skool! those were d days or myold class from 1st to 3rd year or Wexford!
If you could go back in time, where would you go?: Back to the Titanc n save all d people r 2 meet Elvis!!
Thing that you regretted doing after you had done it: Being bitchy 2 sum people
Memory you would like to forget: Saying bitchy stuff
What'd you do yesterday?: stayed in bed sick!.
TV show you wish they would re-air again: Bosco! (Irish tv kids show) he lived in a box ti'l sum1 stole him hahaha!! BOSCO!!
Dream Car: Ne of the cars in The Fast and the Furious
Where will you live? America or Ireland
What are you doing tomorrow?: Skool!! n hockey match.

Food: My mum's Sunday dinnears: Potato's , Gravy , Carrots , Chicken, n Green beans, ,
Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner: Dinner
TV show: Friends, Dream Team, Home and Away, Pop rivals, Corrie, Eastenders, Lizzie Maguire, Thats so Raven, yano..
Movie: The fast and the furious , Greace , Now and Then , Scream
CD: -Nellyville
-Country Grammer
. Band/Singer: Nelly , Ja Rule , Ashanti , Romeo Dunne , Destiny's Child , , Jlo , Westlife!
Colour/s: pink!
Actor(s): Vin Diesel or Pierce Brosnon o n Matt le Blanc n Mathew Perry.
Actress(s): Tina O'Brien , Kirsten Dunst , Jenifer Aniston , Sarah M Geller,
Weekend Activity: shopping, cinema, or playing sport
Favorite day of the week: Friday or Saturday
Month: May
Holiday: Summer holidays or xmas holidays!
Number: 11
Cookie: chocolate
Phrase you overuse: "Evil" or "Go fuk yourself"
Toothpaste: Colgate r sumthing!
Ice Cream: Ben & Jerrys , Half Baked n New York Super Fugde Chunk!
Candy Bar/Candy: Terry's chocolate orange
Teacher: No faves their all the same.
Restaurant: Rolly's or Casa Pasta
Channel: E4 , Nick or Mtv!
Radio Station: Freedom , fm104 , 98fm
Type of music: hip hop n rap!
Shampoo/Conditioner: Pantene
Song: I hav loads
Music Video: It's all Gravy
Sport: HOCKEY , SOCCER , RUGBY!! n TENNIS! I wana get into golf! n I like running.
Website: * * it's where I get all my mail!!
Relative: I luv dem all but I guess my gran not including my mum,dad n sis.
Gum: Juicy Fruit
Local TV show: The Fame Game
Thing in the world: way 2 many 2 name
Thing to collect: I duno! money!
Colors of all time: Pink
Thing to do on a rainy day: Go out be wet! go online rent a movie watch tv , read! go cinema watever!!

Movie you rented: Slackers I rented it yesterday , it was ok i'd say 4 out of 10.
Movie you bought: The Fast and the Furious
Song you listened to: Dirty by Christina and Redman
Song that was stuck in your head: Jenny from the Block by Jlo
Song you've downloaded: Ja Rule n JLO , I'm real.
Cd you listened to: Blue - One love
Person you've called: Rebeca about a hour ago
Person that's called you: Mum
Last thing you said to him/her: Did you buy me a kinder egg? (i'm a big baby).
Tv show you've watched: Greace after the movie it was a documentry wit all d cast.
Person you were thinking of : Gail cuz i'm tryin 2 think wat birthday pressie she wud like , so far I hav David Beckham!.
Time you talked to an ex: haha a long time ago..
Time you kissed someone: September god I need'a get out more *laughes*!.
Time you were sarcastic: half a hour ago
Time you laughed: 10 mins ago
Time you cried: last week wen I almost got sick
Time you smiled: just now
Time you bought something: Yesterday
Book you read: Dreamland
Movie you saw: Slackers
Thing you had to drink: Sprite
Thing you ate: chips
Thing you lost: My hair brush!.

Friends: Ok well close friends r : Tori , Emer , Co , Bex , Ro , Gail , Leanne , Sonya , Caroline.
Person you most admire: Tina O'Brien.
Most loved person/people: my family n friends n pets.

*N Sync OR BSB: BSB I neva got into d whole NSYNC thing though i'm not 2 mad on BSB either!!!
Peanut butter OR Jelly: Jelly I DESPISE wit a passion PENUT BUTTER! if I ate it I wud probbaly get sick!
Coke or pepsi: I don't drink dem , I havn't 4 ages I jus don't like them!
Boxers OR Briefs: Boxers
Joey OR Chandler: Joey
Apples OR Oranges: Apples , I like orange flavours but not the fruit!
Vanilla OR Chocolate: chocolate , Vanilla is 2 plain
Flowers OR Candy: candy
Dawson's Creek OR Felicity: Dawsons
Romantic Comedy OR Horror: depends
Book OR Magazine: book
TV OR Radio: TV
Is the glass half full OR half empty?: half full

Angels?: yep
Aliens?: nope
Heaven & Hell?: yep
God?: yep
Yourself?: yep

Been on a plane: yep alot!
Cried in public: yes!!
Climbed a tree: yes alot!
Fell asleep in a Movie Theater: no but I almost hav
Met a celebrity: No my sis has though!
Met the president: nope
Been scared to get a shot: nope
Gotten a cavity: mmm... a cavity?
Shopped at Abercrombie & Fitch: no I don't think they hav dat here if day do oops but no! I like those kinda shops though.
Broken a bone: yep , my collar bone when I was 2
Did the nasty: wha?
Said, "I love you," and meant it: yep
Made prank calls: yep alot!!
Gone skinny dipping: nope
Skipped school: yep
Loved somebody so much it made you cry: nope
Gone to a theme park and checked out all the cute guys:YEH!
Cried over a guy: now way
Lied to someone: yep
Ever been in a fist fight: yep n won!! haha!.
Ever been arrested: no but i've been chased by dem

George W.: Loser
Lollipops: yum
Dream: sleep
Whipped Cream: it tastes sexy
boy bands: cute
Guys: fine!!
Girls: bitchy
Death: sad

Dog/Cat: Cat
Blue/Purple: blue
Chocolate/Vanilla: Chocolate
Pen/Pencil: Pen
Plumber/Trashman: Plumber
Ear/Eye: eye
Rich and unhappy/Poor and happy: Rich and unhappy.
Tall/Short: Tall.

Do you sleep with a stuffed animal?: no but I hav a teddy who is under my bed bless.
Last time you showered: 2nite
If you were a crayon, what color would you be?: Pink 2 make d boys wink!.
How many buddies do you have on your list?: MSN: 30 r 40
What are the last 3 digits of your number?: home: 397
cell: 9477
One pillow or two, cotton or feather?: three!!, feather.
First initial of the person you hate the most: S
How long are you in the shower?: around an 20 mins
How do you eat a Reese's Peanut Buttercup?: peanut ew! I guess I will neva eat dem!
What does your screen name mean?: I'm a escaped physco
Right, Left, or Ambidextrous?: right
What is under your bed?: Teddy n magazines n a pen.
How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop?: lots.
Would you ever eat sushi?: yep I luv fish
Would you ever eat sushi off a naked body?: mm.. I duno I guess 4 d moment no
What's your sexual preference?: hetrosexual
What were you in a past life?: rich n famous
I punch you. Quick, what do you do?: kick d shit into you,
When confronted with Britney Spears, you...?: say hi.
What's your favorite coffee?: I don't drink it
Are you my Angel?: I dont think so
Do you consider yourself a poet?: yep
What do you wanna be when you grow up?: famous actress
There's a naked man in your living room. What do you do?: Somthing that involves me him n a bed!
How stupid do you think you are?: 60 % stupid
How stupid do other people think you are?: they wud say 85%
Who the hell do you think you are?: a down ass chick!
Is the Wonderbra good or bad?: gud
What's your favorite fruit?: kiwi , apples , grapes
Can you feel the love tonight?: no can u?
On a nude beach, you would...?: scream! n run away
Make up a story with yourself, a bridge, and a rabbit:Ok .. I was walking on a bridge wen I saw a rabbit in the river so I jumped in and saved it.
What do you think about contemporary art?: nice?
Do you like being naked?: I duno!
If we had proof god didn't exist, what would happen?: I wud b upset!
Do you enjoy cheeze whiz?: wat d hells dat?
What's your position on virginity?: If ya wana do it den do it...
On Avril Lavigne: She's alrite a bit hypocritial
On mosquito bites: fukin bastards
On bad sitcoms: switch channel
Are you left handed or right handed?: righthanded
Are you smart?: yeh sumtimes no alot.
What's your middle name?: Vicki or Victoria
How many personalities do you have?: hmm... alot! no a few
What was your first word?: Da Da r sumthin like dat!
Are you superstitious?: not really!
Do you read your horoscope?: nope it's all crap
Do you believe in that stuff?: sumtimes
Can you do a cartwheel?: yep
Do you have contact lenses?: yep coloured n clear
Do you have a retainer or braces?: nope
Can you drive?: nope if only
Do you snore?: hope not
Do you drool in your sleep?: hope not
Do you lick your envelopes or use a sponge?: lick!
Do you keep a journal?: sumtimes so i guess yeh
Do you like onions?: yep
Do you like cotton candy?: yeah
What instruments can you play?: I can't play very well but piano n I like drums
Do you like to dance?: I can't dance but i wud luv it if I cud
Do you like to sing?: yeh but I suck at it!
Are you any good at it?: not realy no!
Do you like to talk on the phone?: yes!
Do you like where you live?: yes
Are you organized?: not at all
Do you sleep with socks on?: no
Are you shy?: sometimes
Do you talk to yourself?: yes i'm so odd!
Are you a morning person?: HAHAHAHAHHAA NO!
Do you believe in reincarnation?: kinda
Do you believe in God?: yep
Do you believe in ghosts?: yep
Do you believe in bigfoot?: no
How old do you wish you were?: 23
Have you ever thought you were gonna die?: nope
Where do you wanna go?: Carabian or Hollywood again.

Have a bf or gf: no if only
Have a crush on someone: yes
Wish you could live somewhere else: sumtimes!
Think about suicide: no
Believe in online dating: no
Watch soap operas: yep

Premarital sex: your choice
Drinking and driving: No way! if u do it I hope u die,
Gay/Lesbian relationships: I guess watever ur into

Of times I have been in love?: 0
Of times I have had my heart broken?: 0
Of hearts I have broken?: 0
Of boys I have kissed?: 100
Of girls I have kissed?: 0
Of men I've slept with?: 0
Of girls I've slept with?: 0
Of continents I have lived in?: 1
Of drugs taken illegally?: 0
Of people I would classify as true, could trust with my life type friends?: alot
Of people I consider my enemies?: none realy
Of people from high school that I stayed in contact with?: well i'm still in it so..
Of cd's that I own?: 25/30 Of times my name has appeared in the newspaper?: none
Of scars on my body?: 2 r 3
Of things in my past that I regret?: a few

Smoke: no but i've tried dem
Drink: Yep
Do drugs: no
Live in the moment: sometimes
Have sex: I will!
Play an instrument: not realy but I try.
Had a dream that keeps coming back: yeh a couple of times
Believe it's possible to remain faithful forever: yea
Consider yourself tolerant of others: yes
Remember your first love: no
Have any gay friends: no
Read the newspaper: sport section
Still love your first love: - no
Believe in miracles: totally
Have a favorite candy: yes
Wish on stars: sumtimes
Believe in God: yes
Believe in magic: yes
Believe in astrology: no
Like the taste of alcohol: yes
Hate yourself: sumtimes
Talk to strangers who IM you: yeh! n piss dem off.
Have any bad habits: I bite my nails n lick my bottom lip sumtimes wen I talk
Like your handwriting: not its gay
Collect anything: no , bellybars??
Have a secret crush: yes.
Go to church: at xmas
Have any pets: yes
Wear hats: yes
Pray: sumtimes
Believe in ghosts: yes
Care about looks: Yeh shallow as it is it can't b helped
Believe in Satan: kinda
Believe in witches: yes
Have a best friend: yes , Tori
Do you take anti-depressants: no