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HA! I'm so smart! Now I can show everyone how hot Sully really is! His full name is Salvatore Paul Erna! He's the lead singer of the Metal/Hard Rock band called Godsmack! There are a few pics of the group down below too......hehe. Sully was born February 7, 1968-feet first! Born in Lawrence, MA to Connie Erna, and whatever his dads name is. lol. He has 2 siblings, Sister Maria and a half-sister Elizabeth. He's quoted at saying he's 5'5'' and he wears a full size 9 shoe. lol. Sully started playing drums at 3 years old. When the Godsmack drummer can't make it to the set, Sully's the first one to jump behind 'em and play! He also plays the guitar, and keyboard (which isn't used in the band), and Harmonica (isn't either) lol. He wants to learn how to play the sax. Sully's Left arm is Fully Sleeved, and his right arm is Half Sleeved! He has XXX tattoo'd on his back right above his cute lil ass..lmao.. and has the godsmack symbol around his belly button, he has a tattoo of pinhead on his right hip, and pinhead tattoo'd on his leg. He has 2 bars through his right eyebrow, Has his right nipple pierced, has a star tattoo'd off to the side under his right eye (the star is the symbol of his wiccan religion), he has a tuft and sideburns that go down past his cheekbones, and he has beautiful green eyes!Teehee...He's been practicing the Wiccan religion for over a decade! (I myself have been studying/practicing it for a while!)...Sully is openly Wiccan, practicing under Laurie Cabot...The necklace Sully wears all the time is a Celtic rune called Kano, he also wears a Pentagram necklace most of the time, and once in a while he'll wear the forrest god or pentagram belt buckle. Sully has a daughter, Skylar Brooke Erna, who was born December 17th, 2001. Sully isn't married but still considers himself a family man...he lives with his girlfriend in New Hampshire. Sully never finished high school. The last high school he attended was Lawrence High.

"I just always knew. I mean, I quit school for it. I lost relationsips over it. I sacrificed having an apartment and nice cars when all my friends were graduating high school and getting all this stuff, and I was still looking like the loser, schlepping off my parents. It's in my blood, and I just could never let it go."~ Sully Erna Before Godsmack "I was working for an attorney doing collections. I was the pain in the ass that called you about your credit cards."~Sully Erna.

If he weren't in godsmack "I would be a bill collector, 'cause that I was doing. ...This was collections for an attorney. So I was doing, like, mortgages and credit cards and student loans, and that kind of thing..."~Sully Erna

On his vocal skills: "I was really bad. I was so bad at first that when I was doing vocal tracks, Robbie would just shake his head and walk out of our studio and leave for two days. He wouldn't come back."~Sully Erna

On his daughter: "Iíve been a daddy for two-and-a-half months (NOTE: This was written a year and a half ago! lol)! Sheís a gift from heaven! Itís amazing. Everything you hear about it changing your life is true. It instantly changes your life and itís so awesome, itís not something that you mind changing your life for. This baby comes out, and itís you. Itís a little you, and you go, ďFuck, I made that!Ē And now sheíd getting to the point where sheís really alert, sheís starting to laugh and smile, she knows my voice, and she turns her head and looks when I come in the room. Sheís just so beautiful. The first morning after she was born was the first morning in my whole life where I woke up and didnít think of myself. I donítí mean that in an egotistical way, we just all wake up and go, ďIíve got to do this, Iíve got to do thatÖĒ That first morning my eyes opened, I went, ďBaby! Whereís the baby?Ē itís the first time I woke up and didnít think about something I had to do, you know? But youíre not going to hear any fuckiní ballads coming out about! I ainít pulling that Creed shit!"~Sully Erna

On his childhood: "I grew up in a very poor, violent neighborhood, Lawrence, Mass., about twenty minutes north of Boston. My mom raised me and my sister single-handedly. We had it rough. We were poor. We lived in a three-tenement home with my relatives upstairs. The streets were always filled with sirens and gunshots and car chases, fights and drugs. I wouldn't change it for the world, but it was a violent, rough upbringing. It was survival."
"Ninety-eight percent of my gray hairs are from Sully," says Connie Erna."He drove me crazy, but he's matured.
Sully admits that "I've been pretty damn close to prison. I've done jail a couple times, but never full-blown prison."~Sully Erna

"If I wanna say fuck you I'm gonna say fuck you, if you beep it out it's not my problem. I still said fuck you. They should be more worried about getting crack off the streets and stopping wars instead of Rock & Roll, Rock & Roll isn't gonna hurt anyone!"~Sully Erna......ENJOY!

^^^^I made this one myself!

Sully usually doesn't let his sidebruns go down this far...where'd his hot lil tuft go? Maybe just a bad facial hair

left to right: Sully, Robbie.

left to right: Shannon Larkin (drums), Sully Erna (Lead Vocals, Guitar, Drums), Robbie Merrill (Bass), Tony Rambola (Back up vocals, guitar).

left to right: Robbie Merrill, Tony Rambola, Sully Erna, Shannon Larkin.

Wow look how young sully is here! Oh look! Godsmacks former drummer! I like sully's hair the way it is now, but look how cute he was when he was younger! He just got hotter and hotter! lol...left to right: Former drummer Tommy Stewart, Tony Rambola, Sully Erna, Robbie Merrill.

On the set of The Scorpion King. Left to right: Sully, The Rock.

left to right: Robbie Merrill, Sully Erna, Tony Rambola, Former Drummer Tommy Stewart.

left to right: Robbie Merrill, Sully Erna, Tommy, Tony Rambola.

left to right: Sully Erna, Shannon Larkin, Tony Rambola, Robbie Merrill.

Take a look at this pic of godsmack playing live! Way in the back is Robbie playing bass, the hot guy singing, that has no shirt on, is Sully lol, and closest is Tony playin guitar!

Well well well! Would ya look at that belt buckle Sully has on! The Pentagram sign once again showing his Wiccan Religion (I wear a necklace like the one he wears sometimes...I'm not ashamed of my religion!)! Left to right: TOny Rambola, Sully Erna, Robbie Merrill, and Shannon Larkin.

You should know their names by now. lol.

But incase you don't here they are lol..left to right: Shannon, Tony, Sully (Must be another bad facial hair day for Sully lol), and Robbie.

Shannon, Tony, Sully, Robbie....blah blah blah blah blah blah

Well there's alot more where those came from but my fingers hurt from typing and I'm keeping the HOTTEST ones for myself so nobody can steal my SULLY!!!!!! lol...Bubyeeeeee for now!