wounded knee and hands off recorded
and mixed at Emandee studio by Mark Ospovat
the other songs were recorded by justin and meneguar

all art by chris williamsbr> wounded knee

Iím not picking my battles/ cause Iím not ready to chose/
one thing I know is Iím on my own and Iím home/already/
theyíll print lies and desert us/ so you better get ready to lose/
when that eastern sunís got us 3 to 1 Iím home/already

Iím sorry just sounds empty but the thousght should suffice/
bloody knuckles scraping concrete and itís night after night/
but Iím ready come help me get to my feet/
if thereís a hell do I go there with my wounded knee/
Iím nervous but Iím ready so please do what you like/
Iím sick of being frightened by it night after night/
Iím ready come help me get to my feet/
if thereís a hell do I go there with my wounded knee/
Iím only half of this I need you to understand

Christmas isnít christmas

Iím in love with the hands that keep falling off my hips/ to see if anybody wants one/
signed on dots/ one by one/ tell me that youíve stocked all your days/ freeing all your nights up/
grey matter/ they said it would happen/ everytime you subtract it the more we divide/
but all hopes lost for the servant/ heís trying but heís caught up in a chore/ fetching with no pay off

Grey ghost said heís always confused/ christmas isnít christmas til the boyís got the blues/
they were right there next to me/ it only getís better the second itís pitied/
all hopes been roped in for weekends and such/ he always leaves a message cause she never picks up/
but they were right there next to me/ it only gets better the second itís pitied

A thousand actors

We have to cut you loss sir/ weíve got a million mouths on strike/
everybodyís talking so whoís right?/ oneís a profit oneís a loser/
he treats his mornings like their nights/
collasing though heís always fresh and ripe
All my teachers were all failed authors/ even though you dance youíre dancing
cheek to cheek with them/
my nightís been ruined by bows and actors/ whoíve all grown soft and try to give it all away

You canít consider/ thereís been no offer/
even know itís best to keep your mouth quiet/
and thought I hate to say it all the bills were late/
and all that shit you pull/ we look the other way/
and youíve all grown soft and try to give it all away

Hands off

Slow decay/ though itís nothing that Iíd ever do/
no matter how long youíre dreaming too long/
born and raised with nobody left to look up to/
no matter how long you sleep itís too long/
it sounds horrible but itís nothing that you wouldnít do/
you are a lousy waste there I said it/I said it/
sheís down on the corner with her headphones on/ singing her song/
it sounds tolerable but itís nothing you should get used to

Tell me what I want to hear/ I bet/think the kid could teach you something
The more you speak the less you find your actions turn to words/
the more you sleep the less you find relax a dirty word

I bite off my hands/ I bite my hands off/
just to free myself and free every one of us/
I come from town/ we drink when weíre down/
you go around and around/ your turn is up just give it a go/
I clench my teath ignore my heart but
the tough get going when the rough shit starts/
a parents plans replaced my hands/
so now you donít chose you only make demands/
itís the same shit each day itís your father and his pocket of lies/
itís just this town/ oh this town/ and some thank you notes weíd like you to sign

I was born at night

Call my name in red/ soft red/ blood red/ I call my name in red/
remove your hands at one/ silence/ silence/ remove your hands at once/
tied down to back of their throat/ a slight cough becomes such a slight weeze/
Iím going only if thereís hope for me/
head down in a mid day trance/ small words from such a big man/
thatís it I quit eating out of other peoples hands

You can only just pretend that they need you/ not me, no one/
such dull words to describe one another

Truth/ it holds no place in these walls/ tired and faceless/
I call my name in red/
cause truth is just a number/ Iím numb from all these seasons
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