Bury a Flower 7 inch(TMU)
"A special limited edition 7-inch with two exclusive tracks not on the re-issue of their debut ("I Was Born At Night"). A taste of what is to come on the new record, due out in early 2007. Limited to 1,000 copies on color vinyl."

I Was Born at Night (reissue) CD/LP (TMU)

* "I Was Born At Night" 7-song CD (MBL066 - Magic Bullet Records)

* "I Was Born At Night + 7"" 9-song tape (FUCKIT-14 - Fuck It Tapes)
Currently available

* "I Was Born At Night" 7-song test press 12" (MBL066-1TP - Magic Bullet Records)
50 mailorder copies sold out via Magic Bullet website, 100 silkscreened tour copies.


* "Demo" 5-song tape (FUCKIT-05 - Fuck It Tapes)
Sold out. 100 copies made.
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