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I may be abandoning the rules just for a very short amount the time to get the galaxy section of the site sorted out. There are going to be a lot of planned planets, and that's why instead of starting the RPG before I should have like in the original Conflicting Forces, I want to make sure this is pretty much finished before people start to play, so their first experience can be even better. Here's the long list of the planets:

Ovoo IV - Imperial Prison
Sullust - Neutral
Naboo - Neural
Kothlis - Bothan Colony Planet
Kessel - Imperial Prison Planet
Endor - Uninhabited by Major Civilization
Hoth - Uinhabited by Major Civilization
Ilum - Uninhabited by Major Civilization
Corellia - Neutral
Coruscant - New Republic
Zonama Sekot - Neutral
Yavin IV - The Late Luke Skywalker's Jedi Academy
Dorin - Neutral
Aquilaris - Neutral
Ando Prime - Neutral
Ryloth - Neutral
Ord Mandell - Junk Wastelands
Mon Calamari - New Republic
Bothawui - New Republic
Liinade III - The Late Prince-Admiral Krennel's Production Planet
Folor - Uninhabited by Major Civilization
Baroonda - Neutral
Tatooine - Neutral
Nal Hutta - Neutral
Dathomir - Uninhabited by Major Civilization
Geonosis - Galactic Empire
Kamino - Galactic Empire
Dantooine - Uninhabited by Major Civilization
Klatooine - Neutral
Bakura - New Republic
Outland Station - Neutral
Malastare - Neutral
Gand - Neutral
Bespin - Neutral
Thyferra - Neutral
Rodia - Neutral
Taanab - Neutral
Ralltiir - Neutral
Gamorr - Neutral
Sluis Van - New Republic
Clak'dor VII - Neutral
Devaron - Neutral
Chandrila - New Republic
Kuat - Galactic Empire
Kile II - Yuuzhan Vong
Jade Moon- Yuuzhan Vong
Gerrard V- Neutral
Fest - Yuuzhan Vong
Raxus Prime - Junk Wastelands
Dagobah - Uninhabited by major Civilization
Ord Mandell - New Republic
Arbra - Yuuzhan Vong
Kashyyyk - Yuuzhan Vong
Mimban - Yuuzhan Vong
Myrkr- Yuuzhan Vong Cloning Facility Planet
Nar Shadda - AKA Smuggler's Moon

Star Wars: Conflicting Forces 2