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i can be seen dancing with frank here

Leslie and Frank dancing

me dancing with Rick Pearson who's wroth a couple million. he's also wicked fun to hang out with

me and the sister

Leslie's friends Tyler and Elisabeth with Leslie

this picture is from the toasts. the woman in red is Michelle, one of Leslie's bridesmaids. The guy is Nick, my dad's best man.

One piece of black mail for you all...leslie, bella (friend), zana, cher and koia (friend) dancing to "Daddy I'm Fine" by Shenaid O'Connor.

Once again if you want to see all the pictures, go click on this little thing here. Enjoy your stay, I know you don't know most of the people, but still it's fun to look. It was a whicker party with slazzin tunes man, that's all I can smadge.