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Dudes, these are pictures taken at my dad's wedding last Saturday. They're digital, and were all taken by my sister. If you'd like to view ALL the pictures go here - click it good. But, since you don't know anyone there really, I wanted to help you out by putting a few names to a few pictures:

this is what it looked like before the wedding got started...all those chairs were full and the ceremony took place pretty much where they're standing.

we took pictures before the ceremony to save time for the party, so this is the reaction from first seeing one another on their wedding day.

Left to Right - My dad, Josh Converse (Leslie's mom, Leslie, and Rob (leslie's bro)

the frist dance to Bowie's "Absolute Beginners"

me and Al (my dad's friend and my boss over the summer). he kept trying to get me to let him spike my dad thinks he keeps hitting on me...which created much amusement when we danced together (me and Al). he is also god. and will probably write a lot of the musical's guitar parts.

me, dad, Leslie's friend Cher, and Frank Oz.

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