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-Deciever-                                         By: Nathan Riggle
The words you say, cause me to stumble and fall,
on the ground, I lay still, untill I can crawl.
You wonder how, I got up and returned to my feet?
Well on the floor, it's amazing what I could see.
I saw you, and the light of your ways,
all the hurtful things you said, in my head they stay.
So back away from me, I'm starting to break.
And stay away from me, these feelings I can't fake.
I let you run.... In and out of my head.
But in truth... There was no thought cause my heart lay dead.
I can breathe..... Now that you gone.
So to the deciever, I dedicate this song.
-Vs 2-
Walking lifes road, I move through day by day,
but in every single day, you chip away at me.
You say you care, that you want this to work,
but in your actions, they disagree with your words.
You'll say to me, you wanna be with me all the time,
but to all your other friends you say i tell you lies,
so how long, can you disguise the truth?
Cause it's only a matter of time before the truth breaks loose.