This is NightFaLL's hax accusations page!
It Will be updated regularly, for your amusement, as well as my own. =)

[u5|cod-aimology] im not nightfall
[Thriller] yeah nightfall is better than you :/

[u5|cod-aimology] nightfall cheats

[u5|cod-aimology] funny i got a demo of him and a aliased played
[u5|cod-aimology] cheated
[u5|cod-aimology] because the aliased player was haxin
[u5|cod-aimology] to prove he was
[u5|cod-aimology] =)

[laws_69] because u went into plant...camped in there for a second...and popped ur head out to snipe me from across the map...ur back had been to me the entire time until u went inside

/scrim /amsg 15,1(40 0compLexity4.0CoD 0415)415(40 0CAL-M 0415)415(400 $1- 0415)415(400 5v5 0415)4,115(40 0Ours 0415)415(40 0Assemble your crew and PM me! 0415)

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