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Large Hamsters

Of the rodent

known today we have

them virtually on all continents

Some of the more commonly known are 


And they are all related to our domestic hamster. 

The various species of hamsters found in nature today are all descendants of the African wild hamster.  One reckons that the origin of the domestic hamster is found in the African wild hamster which inhabits today the savannahs of Central and Northern Africa.

 Some hamsters are born with dysfunctions created by man in his pursuit of creating new races.  These dysfunctions might be loss of hearing, lack of hair and teeth as well poor eye sight.

 These wild animals are extremely elusive and impossible to domesticate. However, their cousin in the rest of the world seem to have adapted to a life along with humans.

They are both seed eaters as well as gatherers and the saying of them having seven lives.

 In addition to these pure rodents, we do find other hamster like animals around the world like for example the guinea pig which might resemble more the hamster that the hamster.  It is actually a lot closer to the hamster than you can imagine.

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