Christmas in Seattle, December 2002

First one if front of the tree! Ford was the best present-passer-outer ever. He was also pretty good at opening his own gifts too.
Ford and his dad team up to hammer in a nail (and Ed's thumb). Dad, opening a big present.
Just when you think your son knows who's boss, he hands you your nuts on a spoon. Dad and Ford do a little between gifts rollerblading.
Xena peaks around the corner watching out for random rollerbladers. Christmas morning in front of the tree.

Christmas in Oakland, December 2002

Joy's uncle, Joe, and little Ana at Christmas dinner. Poohbear waiting for leftovers.
Poohbear and Joy getting ready to drive to the stable. Joy feeds Randy's horse, Carbo, a carrot. Carbo is very good at taking food with just his lips but it's still a bit scary.
On our walk: Carbo, Randy and Poohbear. Carbo and I bonded after our walk. He liked to scratch his head on my shoulder, almost knocking me over.
Carbo's next door neighbor was very friendly as he flashes a big smile at us. But, dang, you need some Colgate with whitener. The neighbor to the other side didn't appreciate not getting any carrots as he kept sticking out his tongue at us.
Randy brushes down Carbo after our walk. Grandma, Terri, and Ana share a moment with Ana's new cell phone.
Out in SF in our old neighborhood. Me, Joy, Scott in Storyville.
Met up with the crew after dinner at Boabab. Joy and Laura.
Everybody at Boabab (with a flash). Joy and Melissa.

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