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My Cousin Tracy and Greg's Wedding - October 5, 2002.

Presenting, Greg and Tracy! Not able to hide for an intimate moment.
Greg and Tracy, newlyweds. Tami, Tara and Tracy: The Three T's.
Dad, Aunt Kathy, Averil and Joy. Mom and her Uncle Herb and Aunt Mabel.
The First Dance. The entire wedding party joins in.
More Dancing! A twist on the usual: a toast from two adoring sisters.
Mom and Ford trying to boogie. Tami and Tara.
My Aunt Carol, aka Tracy's mom. All eyes on Greg and Tracy, or the cake they are about to cut.
Tara and husband Kevin. A special occasion calls for special hairdo.
Tracy, her (our) grandmother, Dede and Greg. Tracy and her grandparents Videon.
Tami, Carl and Tara. How was Tracy able to dance all night? It's gotta be the shoes!

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