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Labor Day Weekend, Seattle - August 29-September 1, 2002

Pre-Reunion Party, Jillian's

I arrived at Jillian's a little late but Mike and Joni were still there. Alan came all the way from Amsterdam. Celeste from LA.
Kirstin and Scott. Sorry, Scott, cute picture but not pic of the week. Despite my long arms this is still quite a close up of Mike.
Yes, it's Mischa, Heather and Stephanie. Paula, despite being very busy, helped put the reunion together.
Dylan, Elliot and Kevin remembering Elliot's 65 shots in a row in quarters. Scott and Kirstin reminiscing.
Scott, Marlena, and Chad. Steve and Leah.
Me and Brent. He wished he went to Garfield so he came for a beer. Dylan, Elliot and Mischa remembering our sophomore trip to Florida - or trying not to remember.
Bars don't stay open very late in Seattle. It's off to Steve's house. Mike telling Marlena how "fresh" the '89 Bulldogs were.
Stephanie, gettin her groove on during the beer run. Two gorgeous ladies, Leah and Stephanie.
Dylan and Leah. Mischa and Steven.
Woah, Nelly - it's Pete. And Kirstin. Ryan was in transition from Jackson, WY to Stanford so he stopped by to say hi to Joni.
We even woke up Jeremy from a nap. Heather and Kirstin giving me a ride home.

Garfield Class of 1989 Reunion, Seattle Aquarium

Sarah, Alan, and Nicole at our reunion which was at the Seattle Aquarium. I had to edit Scott out cuz he looked like a jackass but here's Dylan and Marlena.
Scott, Steve, Kirk, Kevin, and Mike posing. Okay, Scott, I'll put this one in.
Mike, at the bar. Mike and wife, Kristin. "Honey, better give me the keys."
The ever-smiling Marlena. Kevin and Kirstin.
Chris, his girlfriend, and Rebecca. Silly otter.
Scott, Dylan, and Mike. Rebecca and Kevin.
Joanna with her little one. Mischa, Nicole, Caitlin, and Maika and her boyfriend gathering outside deciding where to meet. I voted for Dick's on 45th.
Mischa saying "hello" or "goodbye" to El-Said as Dean and Nicole look on. It's off to Steve's house again.
Did I mention bars close early in Seattle? Dylan getting late night supplies. Now we're having fun.
Sarah and Mischa. Celeste, munchin.
Elliot and Kirstin. C'mon, now, he's married. This be Dylan, Steve, Kirstin, and Mischa.

Len Bias Memorial Tournament and BBQ, Roger's House

Nelly, giving Tim baseline. Wide open lay-up for Matt.
Matt's friend, Jay. Rebound battling - Tim and Jay.
Barbeque time, Rogers Brothers style. Morty, getting measured.

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