Cousin Dayna's 19th Birthday Party, September 28, 2002

Here is Dayna and lab Gretta. Great backyard! Hammocks, croquet, trees...
Ford looks a little wobbly but he's hard to keep up with. Looking at the refrigerator art.
Joy and Joan listening intentively. Dad and daughters, Dayna and Kali.
Hangin in the kitchen. Dayna and Kali.
Averil and Joy talking to the bird. Dayna is a freshman at U of Montana majoring in art. This is some of her work.
Time for cake. Knockin the pinata around.
I set up this great picture of David and this vintage doll. Too much cake for Gretta.

My Grandmother's 90th Birthday Party, September 29, 2002

Brunch was a great reunion as well as birthday celebration. Bama and her three children, Drew, Joan and Ron.
David, Averil and Dayna look at some pictures together. After brunch Bama opened some gifts.
My two grandmothers, Bama and Dede - and my Aunt Joan and my mom Joan. The kids.

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