6th of july at da beach... clockwise; me, vin, phil and andrew


sleeping jackie

Bert, phil, philbert, same thing...

da calvin lee


roar? calvin ng

nicole and cheryl (hope i got it right this time)

form da left; nat, kat, jeff and charlotte

jack.. and erm.. me in da back.. ROAR

one luckee guy.. :D form da left; sha, ryoyu (hope i got that right), lin wing


Olga and anna

Happy halloween

a b/w collection of friend's pictures, by nat

eugeene and calv ng getting er... naughty in da rickshaw

group photo at ocean park '02 from da left, calv, jack, me edd, euge and phil

Nat and calv... :)

Calv with a large pack of yalkut.. and jack.. er.. im not even gonna bother..

Me, jovia, phil... afternoon of "THE" disco '02.. lol, i look like a damnright fool... changed early and screwed up me hair.. :P

First family photo i've had in quite a long time... from da left: My bro, mom and urs truly (me)

RAR! fighting with me bro... :D damn i miss him

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