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nuffing in common (the band)


Band members as of yet: Philbert (Bass and vocalist), me (electric guitar and vocalist) ,Vivian (drummer?) , Eugene (keyboard for songs that need one and manager *lol*)

Age: if we include the time when Calvin was the drummer, 1/2way thru first skool term of '01.

Band bio: After beginning to learn the guitar back in yr9, i really wanted to try playing in a band. It turned out that calvin ng wanted to as well. However, we definitely needed more than two ppl. We needed at least one bass/ guitar. So we kept our eyes open over the summer... By the start of year 10, we still didnt find a bass and we were dedcicding on forgetting about the band. At this point, i began to know philbert, who happened to be in the same graphics class as i was.. we became quick friends and talked a lot of wierd stuff (specially coffee). However, we still didnt know he played bass. Later on, i went to join the rowell house ensemble as a singer. I then i noticed philbert was on the list of ppl in the ensemble, yet he didnt turn up for singing. I went to ask him what he did for the ensemble and realised that he played bass! i quickly changed to guitar for the ensemble and i got to know and listen to his talented bass playing. It wasnt long before calv ng, phil and i joined up to becoming a band. We played loads of songs, with some "guest players" ,such as eugene for the keyboard, who also became out 'manager', coming in once in a while to help out. Our band name has been under discyusiion for a long time now, from originally 'psycadelic playground' (or was it 'radioactive'?) to 'calvins band' to 'soyabeans' to 'freshly brewed'. Calvin ng and i have also tried out for the 'Tom lee hong kong unplugged band competitoion 2002" with his sister and friends in a band called 'Kiekeguardde' (not sure of spelling). Later, philbert joined up as well when the band went for a CD recording. Recently, we decided to take a break for the band and focus on work and practise more before we come together again. Then, Philbert and i started a side project-band with his cousin vivian as the drummer. "nuffing in common" came from the time when philbert and i tried to think of a band name; looking for ideas by thinking of things we had in common: nothing (yeah, not very original).

Songs played so far (not complete): Don't look back in anger-oasis, All the small things-blink182, imagine-john lennon(?), Only in dreams-weezer, Karma police-radiohead, Wonderwall-oasis (also done with Kiekeguardde), Dammit-blink182, Adam's song-blink182, Breakout-Foo fighters, Stay together for the kids-blink182, Everything you want-vertical horizon, Here is gone-Goo goo dolls, American Psycho-treble charger, Stuck in America-sugarcult, Hotel california-Eagles, Krpytonite-3 doors down, Be like that-3 doors down, brown-eyed girl-??? (dun with Kiekeguardde), When your gone-corrs (dun with Kiekeguardde), always-bon jovi (dun with Kiekeguardde in Tom Lee music unplugged competition 2002), Kiss me-six pence none the richer (dun with Kiekeguardde) and multiple self-made songs that have no names as of yet.