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stuff thats happened recently
stuff thats happened recently:

2/10/02-oook.. i think i wunt be doin nemore news on this page anytime soon.. i got my xanga (like a lot of ppl.. :P) so check in there.. i will update any pics or stuff about my band if i get anything new.. cya

21/9/02-oh man, im soo tired... last night we danced like hell in da disco and this morning i had to be in happoi valley by 6 for dim sum with my grandma.. !_! anyways.. last night's disco rocked!! sigh if only there were a few more slow dances. :) heheh had tons of fun yesterday, band practise basketball after that, and of course da disco. Some really gr8 songs came up and everyone was like crazy when they played 'YMCA'.. i guess its cuz thats the song everyone knows. Not too many of my freidns did much tho, with the execption of edd euge and calvin ng, most of them didnt really dance/do much... anyways.. the moozic was hell loud, i got cramps and stichtes when i got home.. and hell, i jumped around at the disco more than i have ever done; even in basketball! heheheh so nice to dance with ppl and actually not feel embarrased doin stuff for once. :D hope i have as much fun in the Valentines disco (if it comes up). BTW, my band's sextion is up for now and more updates are on da way: "nuffing in common". The "beijing section" of the fotos has been taken off cuz its takin too much space and its too old. If u want them, contact me.

19/9/02-YIKES! i just missed one week! :( awww.. anyways.. a lot has happened this week, mostly at school. Bout friends and work. Ive had a lot of problems and needed to talk.. thnx to euge for listenin, thnx a lot man. A lot of stuff has happened, makin me look back ang think again whether or not this life is gd or not. Much of the stuff has made me real depressed, and i guess i still am.. its betteer tho. im doin my maths prac cwk right now. on a brighta note, my band now has a name! :D!!!! we're 'nuhthing in common' yeah, i know bout the spelling.. i'll post up a section bout it soon... thats all for now... tmr is da disco and im not sure if im really looking forward to it. Anyways, gtg now, i'll try to update soon. thnx for chekin in

11/9/02-wow.. its been exactly a week.. :P i never knew. anways. today, i had my guitar exam. One that meant if i fail i would not be allowed to continue learning. well, guess what? i finally got thru! with full marks as well! :D (yes, ive failed it once b4, but they gave me one last chance). BUT, it wasnt such a smooth day; i got booted from AYP. we applied early last year for AYP sivler, today they told us we cant cuz were yr 11 and that they had changed our application to bronze instead, which is ironic cuz i did AYP bronze with Den, jon and vin last year. We finshed all da camps and community service and skills and such with er.. flying colours. we needed only to do a small written project. We werent allowed to start it without pearson's, eh, guidance. So we waited. We asked her, she told us to wait. We waited longer, and soon, skool was over. We had failed bronze because of that. now, we reapply for AYP and she says that because we had tried it once vbefore and failed because of our own incompentence with our time-mangament skills, we arent  allowed to do it again. i mean, WHAT THE FUCK?>! jusss cuz she is a lazy bitch, we cant do it? fuck HER! so, were gonna do silver next and show here wat we got. BRING IT BITCH. anyways, yeah.. and the day itself sucked, rain and all..

4/9/02-Aick... first day of skool today.. it was real crap.. turns out most of the yr11s are now on the 2nd floor in da link (other than two forms in da B). Well, had my first day of set 1 mando.. and it SUX.. absolutely boring and pathetic.. "manderin only" and absolute boredom on ms fung's part... skool looks crappier than ever with the new paint and new layout of stuff.. and i keep forgetting that im yr 11... :| and i dunt think i'll be playing basketball anytime soon...Last thing, looks like rowell is FUCKINg screwed this year... (at least for bball) since other than johnny, jason l. adrian, me, phil and euge, there aint no regualr bball players in rowell.. and thos ppl i listed arent exactly damn good ethier...

2/9/02-sigh.. its da last real noight that i can stay up during da holidays... to think that this is gonna be da last 'easy' night till probably christmas/mid term holidays scares me.. :( anyways, tonite, my friends and i went to have a dinner out, as a last going-out thing of the summer. HAHA man, i cracked up so bad at the dumbest things (one of which was because i couldnt count; i counted 11 when there where ten again and again. i also noticed its anu's bday... so we sung her da bday song around 5 times and to jeff (cuz his bday is tmr). Well, i dunt know why, but i felt and still feel really tired over nothing... probably cuz i just felt that i didnt really fit into any of the stuff today.. eveyone just felt so... distant.. and yet they were only inches away... so u can say this was kinda a fucked up day for me....

1/9/02-No work dun today.. xecpt that cheryl noticed that i spelt her name wrong... :| sigh.. thats like, the 5th time ive spelt her name wrong so far.. im so sorry... for anyone who knows me, send me a pic of u plz so i can fianlly work on my friend's picture section... Well, hum, today was a er... mixed day.. after goin to my dads grave with my bro today, ive really realised how much mike misses him. i just feel really wierd how i feel nothing at all when i see that b/w photo on the tombstone whereas mike was close to crying his eyes out. sigh... oh well, on a brighter note, mike took me to mong kong to try out this skewed beef-roll with jap. mushrooms. ITS SOOOO NICE!! try it!! its on the street behind Kwong Wah hospital near the minibusses. Its one of those snack places where they sell fishballs and stuff... gr8 food.

1/9/02-*deep breath* YES!!!! finally!! the whole site is dun!! WAHHAHAHAHA.. thanks to some inspiration phil's site gave to me.. i actually finshed an hp for once! omg... time to celebrate!! the friends section needs a lot of work because i have virtually no pictures that are anything close to date. (most of the newest stuff is around as old as Beiking trip 2001)

30/8/02-it is now... 3:45 in da morning and ive been working for quite a while now.. the new site is now pretty much up and done except for the section bout me.. :P gonna work harder and finsih this off tmr. its been a real tiring day.. with band practice and recording and stuff.. but its been fun as well... hope sumfing like this comes up again later. You can still get to the old site here but most of the links have been cut.

29/8/02-heheh.. ive been real lazy.. i didnt update or work on the site for around a month now.. gonna start workin again now.. and look, ive changed da layout! :D dunt know why... gonna put up links to friends sites soon and hopefully get this dun within 2 months. anyways.. partly cuz my bro is back and im starting on work.. more updates later

6/8/02-just been to see nat and celine's site.. :| wowee... theyre good.. damn. im gonna need a new layout.. anyways.. ive slowed down work for the past couple of days.. pretty much cuz some really er.. nasty things have poped up.. feelings; failiure, and dissappointment. ok, i screwed up my piece for a band ompetition on saturday and then that made my band lose.. if it werent for me, they probablyy would have at least come 16th (out of 60). then, today.. i failed my guitar exam.. not a gd day, eh?.. sigh.. i guess i'll work on this soon.. hopefully, it wont rain tmr so i can go biking as planned. :D. thnx for checking out!

5/8/02- still working on the site.. plz plz plz send me photos of u guys.. i need photos to post up. thinking if i should post up a section for my family.. guessing not... added my guest box too... yeah, post up here plz.

4/8/02- I have part of the 'lite' version up so far.. i might have to scrap the 'heavy' section cuz i cant find a server large and fast enough to support my flashes. Im still having problems making my frames work properly; the foto section dosent seem to work. I also need pics from ppl, so.. send them thru plz to . thnx!

29/7/02- finally.. begun work on the site...havent done much, just looking for suitable layouts and thinking if i should do a flash or not. Last time, my other site kinda died off becuz the flashes took too long to load, make, upload and too hard to make a menu work.. i might get an intro or some kinda small banner, tho. keep watchin