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Name: Jason Jark Lam Ng

DOB: 16/12/87

City of birth: Sydney, AUSSIE

Nationality: aussie...


Hobbies: guitarin, banding, basketball, loadsa games, biking, hiking, and just chillin...

Family: Mom, big bro (mike)



Yeah, for those who dunt know me, i have one really fucked up past... Well, it all started 1987 Sydney. apparently, my family was planning to immigrate to aussie permanently. My dad was still over at HK finishing off his government projjie when i popped out. *POP*. After the only two years of my aussie life, my parents suddenly decided to move back to Hong again. So off we flew back to HK. Within a year or two, my dad got his promotion and we moved to a 2000 some sq. foot government apartment at Jardine hill on HK island. Everything then was gr8, goin to Quarry Bay skool with my big bro to watch out for me and stuff.. Then, in 1993, my dad died of cancer. We moved to an apartment we bought earlier at Happy Valley to live near my grandmother (dad's side). Within less than a year, we moved again; this time to Mei Foo in Kowloon to be near my other grandparents (mom's side). I carried on to start at BHS and worked my way up to KGV right now. So, i guess u can kinda say its been a long way from home...