The Ice-Box Door

Hi, I'm Pedro Huggins - younger & better looking brother of James Huggins, the most annoying man on the Internet.  

As many of you will know, Jim-Bob (as we call him round the ole kitchen table, just on the other side of the refrigerator) is a webring whore...he'll join just about any webring related to any theme, topic or genre (regardless of the contents of his own site) upon the flimsiest pretexts.  For example, on Aviation rings he states that I was a U-2 pilot...even though he knows that the nearest I've ever come to a U-2 was the time when I took a leak next to Bono in the men's room.

Now, inspired by my slick brother, I've started this website.  Like his, it has absolutely no worthwhile content and will contain only items designed to demonstrate what a clever fellow I am.

Love & Kisses From Pedro Huggins - Inspirational Speaker, Poet, & Last, Best Hope For Humanity.  

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