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**McKenzie College**
Offering diploma programsin Multimedia, Animation The Multimedia program is a 10 month course offered at the Halifax and Sydney campuses. The Animation program is also 10 months and is only offered in Halifax.

**Nova Scotia Community College**
Degree programs in Digital Animation, Graphic Design, Library and Information Technology, Multimedia, Photography, Printing, Radio and Television Arts, Screen Arts

**The Nova Scotia College of Art and Design**
Degree programs in various visual and media arts and design

**The daVinci Institute**
This Halifax based college offers programs in 2D-3D animation, classical animation, digital design, multimedia and graphic design.

**Holland College**
This PEI based college offers programs in Interactive Multimedia, Journalism, Photography, and Visual Communications

**Sheridan College**
This Ontario based college offers programs in computer animation, new media design, and Telecommunications Technology.