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***this is an animated gif. i made this using programs like, ADOBE PHOTOSHOP, GIF CONSTRUCTION SET 32, and PAINT. First i found a picture of DAVID BOWIE on the internet and saved it on my H space. I then cut out his head using PHOTOSHOP, and made it more contrasting(filters), and bright. I then found a small picture of a star scene using GOOGLE SEARCH. I opened up the GIF CONSTRUCTION PROGRAM and started a new gif. i used the edit tools to open PAINT, to paste in the scene, and copy and pasting to make the size of the gif. I then pasted in my BOWIE picture overlapping the stars. i saved. then using the copy and paste tools made replicas of the picture and using edit on PAINT, altered each frame, so different stars were missing or added. i then used the text tool to write ZIGGY STARDUST in overlapping the picture.