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***an imagemap is a graphic with links directly embedded into the image. That way, you can click on different parts of the JPG, and it will direct you to different websites.

***how i did this? To create an imagemap, you must find a graphic to hold your links. Open the picture in PHOTOSHOP, and using the text tool, type the different names of your links onto the image. Save as a JPG, or GIF. Using NOTEPAD, write a html page including your image you will use for the link. Save as an html file. Open the program MAPEDIT. A screen will apear asking for the html file. Browse, and find the html you saved in NOTEPAD. Your image should come up into a "select inline image" screen. Click it and press OK. Then a scren with your image should come up in another window. Use the tools to create boxes around the names of the links. Another screen should come up which allows you to write in website links. Save. Upload onto ANGELFIRE.