.:| News & Updates |:.

29/07/03: 4 new nfos upped, from Segamax and Acrid

20/07/03: Sorry for not updating in a while, but I've been on vacation. Anyhow, now I'm back with some new nfos
so be sure to check them out.

01/07/03: Another nice batch with nfos has been added. A zipfile containing SFV files is now also
accessable. There has been request for these files and a guy named Tom mailed me his collection containing
alot of SFV's, so I thought i might aswell up them. Hope you dont mind (there are about 900 files in the zip :)

01/07/03: Added a few new nfos from Tre-hac, and there is more to come!

30/07/03: It has been quite some time since the page got it's last dusting, but I have now updated it
with alot of new and odd dreamcast nfos. I wanna thank all the folks that have continued to send me these
nice files and I hope you will enjoy your stay!

This is the lastest stuff,

[added] Acrid - Tokyo Xtreme Racer 2*Repack*
[added] Acrid - Headhunter CD2 *FIXED*
[added] SEGAMAX - Yumebaken'99 Internet
[added] SEGAMAX - D2-Shock!
[added] Kalisto - Yamaha 400/GD-R firmware
[added] TRE-HAC AND EMUBOARDING - Rurouni Kenshin: Ishin Gekitouhen + Bleem!cast
[added] TRE-HAC AND EMUBOARDING - Strider 2
[added] TRE-HAC AND EMUBOARDING - Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories
[added] I DRIVERS HIGH - Neon Genesis Evangelion Typing E-Keikaku
[added] Segamax - 18 Wheeler American Pro Trucker
[added] Segamax - Crazy Taxi
[added] Segamax - Half Life *Repack*
[added] Segamax - Head Hunter
[added] Segamax - King Of Fighters 2001 *60Hz Fix*
[added] Segamax - Monaco Grand Prix Racing Simulation 2
[added] Segamax - Phantasy Star Online
[added] Segamax - Sakura Wars 4 Bonus Disc
[added] Segamax - Tomb Raider : Sur les traces de Lara Croft
[added] Segamax - Toy Commander
[added] SFV collection
[added] Manga Explorers - Action Replay CDX
[added] THE CORPORATION - Unofficial Quake 3 DC Multiplayer Map Pack For PC
[added] TEAMCODOMO - Dejiko no Maibura
[added] DC-SHADOW - DC GameGear Emu DC SMS+356 Roms
[added] Diesel - Nester v3 The Mario Collection
[added] Dr Eggman - Sonic Adventure 2 Japanese Voices fix
[added] Juveniles Never Surrender - Goofy Revolt
[added] Cyros - NesterDc v3.0 with 800 Roms
[added] Independent - Nester w/ 760 roms
[added] D1-LUT3D - Sega Smash Pack Loader +180 Romz
[added] TRE-HAC AND EMUBOARDING - G - Darius
[added] TRE-HAC AND EMUBOARDING - Mortal Kombat: Special Forces
[added] TRE-HAC AND EMUBOARDING - Thunder Force V: Perfect System
[added] TRE-HAC AND EMUBOARDING - World Soccer Winning Eleven 3 *FINAL VERSION*
[added] Belokk - PBA Bowling 2001
[added] Belokk - Biohazard: Code Veronica Trial Edition
[added] Belokk - Dreamcast System Disc 2
[added] Belokk - Trainer Beta
[added] Belokk - What's Shenmue
[added] Chrilles Cracking Crew - Sierra Collection
[added] Chrilles Cracking Crew - Sword of the Berserk
[added] Daimon - Zusar Vasar *WITH CDDA*
[added] DC-shadow - DC ColecoVision Emu
[added] Faceless - Virtua Fighter 4 Passport
[added] Orgasm - King Of Fighters 2002
[added] Popnmusic - Tsuushin Taisen Logic Battle Daisessen
[added] #Sega DC - Sega GT
[added] #Sega DC - Shadow Man
[added] #Sega DC - Shenmue Passport
[added] #Sega DC - Sydney 2000
[added] #Sega DC - Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation
[added] TRE-HAC AND EMUBOARDING - Parappa The Raper
[added] War - NBA2K1 MISSING TEAM Fix Repack
[added] YellowStone - UEFA Striker
[added] Wantjaprelease - Pia Carrot E Youkoso 3
[added] Acrid - Cleopatra Fortune *WITH CDDA* *PAL PATCHED*
[added] Acrid - nxDoom *FULLVERSION*
[added] Acrid - HereticDC *FULLVERSION*
[added] Acrid - HexenDC *FULLVERSION*
[added] Acrid - Rise Of The Triad *FULLVERSION*
[added] TeamCoDoMo - DAISESSEN
[added] Echelon - F1 World Grand Prix II *JAP?*
[added] Belokk - DC-IMPORT ENABLER
[added] Paradiso - Dino Crisis *SPANiSH*
[added] Bribe - Anearth Fantasy Story
[added] Pulsar - NBA Hoopz PAL MULTI
[added] Independent - Bleemcast *BETA* *CRACKED*
[fixed] Belokk - Midways Greatest Arcade Hits Volume 2
[added] Wantjaprelease - Happy Breeding
[added] Belokk - D2 Disk 1
[added] Natrual Born Chillers - Sega Dreamcast Katana SDK r9
[added] Floyd The Barber - Genesis Lemec Loader Complete Collection *PROPER*
[added] Bero - Rise of the Triad *SHAREWARE*
[added] Executioner - Napple Tales Arsia in Daydream *PROPER*
[added] Executioner - Napple Tales Arsia in Daydream *PROPER* *JAP NFO*
[added] Vitix - Kita E Photo Memories *PROPER*
[added] Vitix - Quake - Minion MOD
[added] Vitix - Navy Seals MOD
[added] Laillas - Alone In The Dark: The New Nightmare
[added] Laillas - Alone In The Dark: The New Nightmare *SPANISH SPEECH ADDON*
[added] Most ugly dreamcast sceners - Half-life *WORKING*
[added] Accession - Revolt
[added] Accession - Shadowman
[added] Alpax - Conflict Zone
[added] Alpax - Tako no marine
[fixed] Alpax - Alone in The Dark FRENCH
[added] Alpax - Castle Fantasia Seima Taisen
[added] Alpax - Grand Theft Auto 2
[fixed] Aphex - Power Smash Tennis
[added] Belokk - Midways Greatest Arcade Hits Volume 2
[fixed] DCISO - Soul Fighter Repack
[added] Executioner - Musapey's Choco Marker
[added] Genius - Who Wants To Be A Millionaire *Selfboot*
[added] Hooligans - Photo hunter
[added] Infinity - Marrionette Handler
[added] Laillas - Aerowings PAL
[added] Laillas - Buggy Heat PAL
[added] Laillas - Crazy Taxi 2 PAL MULTILANGUAGE
[added] Laillas - Evolution: The world of sacred device PAL
[added] Laillas - Gun Bird 2
[added] Laillas - Hidden and Dangerous PAL
[added] Laillas - Head Hunter
[added] Laillas - The House Of The Dead 2
[added] Laillas - Monaco GP Simulator 2 PAL
[added] Laillas - Resident Evil 2 PAL
[added] Laillas - SIDNEY 2000
[added] Laillas - Soul Calibur PAL MULTILANGUAGE
[added] Laillas - Space Channel 5 PAL
[added] Laillas - Silver
[added] Laillas - Speed Devils Pal Multilanguage
[added] Laillas - Star Wars Episode 1 Racer
[added] Laillas - Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation SPANISH
[added] Laillas - UEFA Striker
[added] Laillas - Vanishing Point
[added] Laillas - Sega World Wide Soccer 2000
[added] Laillas - Zombie Revenge
[added] Lightforce - Super Euro Soccer 2000
[added] Most Ugly Dreamcast Sceners - First Kiss Story 2
[added] Most Ugly Dreamcast Sceners - Es
[added] Most Ugly Dreamcast Sceners - Digi Charat Webbrowser
[added] Most Ugly Dreamcast Sceners - Maborosi Tukiyo
[added] Most Ugly Dreamcast Sceners - Welcome to Pia Carrot 2.2
[fixed] Two wrong links at "p"
[added] Stone Arts - Undercover Cop 2045
[added] Wantjaprelease - Culdcept II
[added] Wantjaprelease - Musapey Choco Marker
[added] Wantjaprelease - Card of Destiny
[added] Wantjaprelease - Ever17 the out of infinity
[added] Wantjaprelease - First Kiss Monogatari 2
[added] Wantjaprelease - Konohana 2
[added] Wantjaprelease - Kimiga Nozomu Eien
[added] Wantjaprelease - THE KING OF FIGHTERS 2001
[added] Wantjaprelease - Memories Off Omoide ni Kawaru-Kun
[added] Wantjaprelease - Mei Puru
[added] Wantjaprelease - Missing Parts 2 The Tantei Stories
[added] Wantjaprelease - Pandora no Yume
[added] Wantjaprelease - Roommate Mami Directors Edition
[added] Wantjaprelease - Simple2000DC Vol3 Fureai
[added] Wantjaprelease - Simple2000DC Vol3 Fureai *alt nfo?*
[added] Wantjaprelease - Simple2000DC Vol4 Okaeri
[added] Wantjaprelease - Sakatuku Tokudaigou 2 Working
[added] Wantjaprelease - Suika
[added] Wantjaprelease - Yuki Gatari
[added] Warez broadcast system - Resident Evil - CODE: Veronica
[fixed] Warez broadcast system - Fixed Some links
[added] Twendel316 - StellaDC 0.2c (Atari 2600 Emulator) + ALL ROMS
[added] Icaruz DC - Retro Dreamcast CD

And last but not least ive updated the zipfile, making it easy for people to grab some dc history!