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Welcome to Cloudy's club- so far the only website dedicated to good old Cloudy. Cloudy's Club is made for Cloudy lovers everywhere by Jess. Email me on with any suggestions for this site. Please take a look around...

I'd just like to say hi to Eliza, Mahreen, Zoe, Tessa and every1 in 8S, especially Mattie, Georgie, Sophie, Philly, Niks, Meena and Neshma from Jess- who made this website! And thank you to all my pets for being so wonderful!

Important notice of the week: *Happy New Year Everyone!*

Tribal joke of the Week: How does Bray take pictures?

More stuff coming soon- by the way, check out your mouse arrow on the screen and the little bar at the bottom of the screen where it usually says 'done'(it took me ages!)

And one more thing....

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