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I'm Just Saying
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April 28, 2004

Well, this will be the first of what will hopefully be many entries on this site. The idea is for me to update at least once a week, however, knowing me, expect gaps of up to a month between entries.

Today is my little brother's birthday! So everybody please join me in wishing Kevin a happy 23rd.

This will be the first page you will see upon entering this site. What you will find here will be basic news and information relating to the site. Such as update and new content announcements. I will also use this page to broadcast important events such as birthdays and the like which I have done already in the paragraph above.

Well thanks for stopping by and have fun surfing the site.


May 05, 2005

Well, that all turned out to be a bunch of crap didn't it? Welcome back to a year later. What can I say something came up. A lot has happened since the last update and I don't even know where to begin. So lets get started.

By the way happy Belated Birthday to my brother Kevin again.





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