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I thought it was due time I uploaded these. Enjoy!

The Bassoon players of Blankenship, gathered on Main Camp.
Blankenship! Yes! Bad picture.
Annie! Yay! Annie!
Flutes next to me in rehersal.
Cards... it's a band thing.
Bassoons practice.
BIllings point picnic tables
Claire on her bunk
Rehersal time with girl with flute.
Picture of Kathy's granniness.
Home sweet blankenship. Kathy and Kate.
Yay! It's Jessica!
My sole picture of Kate going solo.
Kathy doesn't want her picture taken.
Katie practices at Vanderlinde
Kathy and Kristin
Another pic of Kristin!
Kristen P. Wheep!
Laura: A sister of the shower.
Laura a.k.a. BB!
Marissa, from Red Band
Nicole adopting herself into our unit.

Nicole and Syndell
On the way to Vanderlinde.
Hosington looks lost.
Hosington goes to band.
S is smiling!
S is sorting through her clothes.
A squirrel.
Nicole and Syndell play bassoon.
Billings Point Picnic Tables.
Zara and her french horn.

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