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A resource site for computer-related tutorials & reading materials.


   This site was created as a resource for computer science students and computer professionals who recognize their two most basic skills: reading; and surfing the internet. This site condenses all sites that I have visited and all tutorials that I have used in my own professional endeavors. Thus, NewbieHelp is nothing more than a high-falutin' jumpsite to the above-mentioned links. Furthermore, the site serves as a proving ground for my HTML scripting abilities.

   My future plans for the site include moderated forums for sharing assistance, discoveries, info, whatever. Also, I hope to implement an on-site search engine, similar to Google (in efficiency, not scope). Currently the only means of communication with me is the contact form which can be accessed here.


  EMBnet Biocomputing Tutorials
  Protein Sequence and Structure Analysis: A practical guide
  Biorithms: An introduction to algorithms used in molecular biology
  Eddie's Basic Guide to C
  Ohio Supercomputer Center - Introduction to C
  Eddie's Guide to HTML
  W3School's HTML Tutorial
  Webmonkey's HTML Basics
Javascript Linux Perl
  Perl in 20 pages
  Introduction to Perl-University of Missouri
  Ohio Supercomputer Center - Perl Introduction
  Python Language Website
  DevShed Tutorials
  Richard Muller's Python Short Course
  Instant Python
Ruby Scheme Zope


   As I mentioned in the introduction, this website is in a constant state of improvement. However, I cannot possibly reach my goals of fully meeting your resource needs if I don't get a little help. So, if there is some element of the site that, you feel, demands improvement, or if you feel that a section dedicated to a new topic needs to be added, by all means use the contact form page (here) and I will try to accomodate you.