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ABDT Pictures

Big C, Jerome, and TJ Smoke a J At 420 Jam
Big C and Monica Chilling At A Jam
Big C smoking a Cuban After Semester 1 Exams
El Negro smokes a cuban as well
Dave, Adrian, and Big C bounce outside for chigs
Lil' A, and Big C clean Betsy out
Dexter gets ready for Niggeritis
Fat Al goes one on one with the great one!
SAM poses with Big C at Semi
Biddies with Big C on New Years
Ore, Ty, Big C, and Broad On New Years
Calabuffalo, Italian Mike, and Big C knock over a door
Rugby Hooligan and Big C go down to S Club 7
Aussie and Twinkie toke a joint with the Redmond door
NCP comes home hungover after New Years
Gene, Ty, And Big C At New Years
The McDonald's Alumni Committee
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This is the picture site for the ABDT. Damn Alderwood Internet Connection