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Art and Raquel's Adjustment of Status Page

Hi there! My name is Raquel, I am Brazilian, I married Art, my wonderful husband in january, and now we are starting to work on our Adjustment of Status papers. I have to admit it all looks pretty dauning. I've been reading around, looking for tips on what to do , how to do, what forms to file, when to file them, it doesn't look too easy at all. Today is August 15, and I am just doing some research, gathering information, trying to figure out what , where and when we should file for these papers. I am Brazilian, like I said, and I came here on my Visitor Visa, I entered the country last time in September 2000.My visa expired in January 10 one day before we got married. We've known each other for 3 years now. We first met online, on icq, in july of 99. I moved to Florida in September of 99 when we met in person. We've been together ever since, but only got married this year. I created this website so that I can help other couples in the same situation as I, to go through the process of Immigration and Naturalization a little smoother than us. So far, I've gathered up information, all the forms I supposedly need, a list of documents needed, etc. I'll try to keep the siteupdated ad much as I can.