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Los Angeles Daily News
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Summary:    Leave Chief Bernard Parks alone already. I have grown up in Los Angeles for 35 years and Chief Parks is one of the best, if not the best chief we have ever had for the Los Angeles Police Department. In comparison to the bulldog tactics of Daryl Gates refusing to vacate the position, Chief Parks is within his full rights in recognizing Gil Garcetti as a grandstand fanatic.Update 02-21-2002, Ladies and Gentlemen, Walter Tribe has been severely brutilized by the system and insulted by The United States Government since May 18th, 1997 to this very day 8:38pm 2-21-2002 see see see see thanx for your time and your support readers. Sincerely, Walter Tribe a victim of hate in Sylmar CA USA...

Source:  Los Angeles Daily News
Date:  03/21/2000
Price:  $2.95
Document Size:  Medium (3 to 7 pages)
Document ID:  UU20010328010040871
Citation Information:  VALLEY; Issue: PSA-2814; Editorial Section
Copyright Holder:  2000, Los Angeles Daily News
Document Type:  Article

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