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FBI,LASD,LAPD,LADA,FCC,NSA,CBS NEWS,abc news,Microwave Weapons,2002,

FBI,LASD,LAPD,LADA,FCC,NSA,CBS NEWS,abc news,Microwave Weapons,2002,

Urgent,For,The United Nations,High,Commissioner,for Human Rights,2-21-2002,tribe

FBI goes off the deep end in Sylmar CA 9:32pm 02-21-2002 along with LAPD They refuse to stand accountable for their 20 yrs. of GROSS NEGLIGENCE & Mis-Conduct.
see and and for all the details... :)conspiracy to taunt terrorize stalk and slowly murder walter tribe with directed energy devices used in unison as weapons against him in progress by catholic neighborhood watch members in his sylmar ca usa neighborhood...

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FBI,LASD,LAPD,LADA,FCC,NSA,CBS NEWS,abc news,Microwave Weapons,2002,wally demands justice now!

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