Atheists Concerned for America: Why Christianity May Not Be For You



"America's More & More Everyday Shrinking, Predominant CHRISTIAN Category: a Straightforward Compelling Plea to Closeted Atheists Everywhere"

By Jordan "BluntJoey" Adorno

Introduction: Now, let me make it clear from the start that this is NOT a radical attempt to push my own convictions on anyone. What inspired this is that I meet more and more "Christians" who lack any real understanding of their faith, much less of the Bible's theories on salvation. Don't forget, accepting a very special principle is universally a precise ultimatum basic to any of all 'theisms': on the beginning of existence, a theist must accept there was nothing, then spontaneously [THEIR] omnipotent "god" existed who, almost always in function as a boastful, (very) humanly emotional male, became maker of all things. Understandably, I meet so many people that simply fail to resonate with their most often Christian religious upbringing and heritage. These people call themselves "believers" both because a)., it's the socially acceptable, most widespread orthodox religious pathway found resonant in any given place in America (spoken in such well once chosen unscripted words); and b)., that that foundational "Christian" self-identity most generalized often extends only a loose autobiographical orthodox meaning, and is truthfully merely the sheer thing when it really comes down to it 'spirituality-wise' which holds any familiarity at all to them, in their childhood upbringings of course. Nonetheless, the following, thereby, hopefully will give some solace to whom I theorize are "undercover" nonbelievers:

1. Christianity executes exceedingly inaccurate bias on a variety of issues. Sociological phenomena that negatively impact our country are in constant thanks to the Bible, which encourages ignorance, sexism, racism, homophobia (etc.) nationwide. These countless forms of discrimination have been exploited to Americans as "righteous" to a "Christian country." But problematically, those principles belongs in Biblical theocracies; America, which is principally protected by the First Amendment of our constitution's Bill of Rights (See also Jefferson's Wall of Separation Letter for further reading ), should never be subject to laws based on Christian ultimatums of faith. EVER. There are many important controversial issues, like Evolution (which should be easily accepted) and hatred of Muslims, which are consistent problems wherever the Christian make up is just significant, not even substantive or prevalent. Obviously, when Christians are the leading demographic, like here in America where they comprise three-fourths the population, the religion's ignorance stigmatizes serious issues of concerns.

Overall, American Christians approach the former example, Evolution, on average as a guess EQUAL to creationism, despite that it's the ONLY accepted biological theory! (In fairness, some denominations, the largest of which is Catholicism, accept Evolution finally; still, many members of such denominations remain unaware of their churches' support for Evolution, and hence reject it.) Rampant intolerance of Muslims, the latter example, is more present than ever in America because Christians proliferate misconceptions that call ALL Muslims "terrorists", "exceedingly violent", "dangerous", "un-American"— the like. But since over one billion Muslims exist worldwide, I can positively assert that they aren't one glowing, massive terrorist coalition!

2. Does praying REALLY work? You can pray that the Sun will rise tomorrow, and it obviously will. You can pray you'll do well at work, that your family will remain safe, and all of that may very well happen to you. But what about every nonbeliever who worked just as hard as you did, and thereby became just as prosperous? How do you explain Atheists living happy and successful lives without ever praying? And astonishingly, how do you justify well-intended, scrupulous Christians losing their children to murderous pedophiles? Whether there's a superior being or not, Earth's existing pattern makes good things AND bad things happen to ALL kinds of people, Christian and otherwise.

3. Ample empirical evidence in the Bible proves the Christian God is EVIL (as discussed elsewhere throughout this website). Why worship Yahweh, the god who commits genocide over petty "crimes", that lets his wrath explode upon innocents? Why trust in a god who chooses to appoint leaders that are experts foremost in serial raping, mass murder, exploiting intolerance, spreading hate etc.? Most of all, why believe in a divine being who sends his children to eternal damnation in a brimstone of fire, and simply for not being a Christian?!

Conclusion. Do you really think you're going to convince me that I should be Christian when according to the Christian doctrine, Gandhi is burning in Hell while Eileen Wuornos, a serial killer who murdered seven innocent men, is in Heaven?! It's not going to happen because my morals won't let it. I will never subscribe to a religion that revoltingly brainwashes that in one second a murderer is superior to a peacemaker just by being a "born-again" Christian. I refuse to accept that one prayer to Jesus eradicates all your past actions, whereas all your good acts are worthless if you don't trust in Jesus (hence, because you'll go to hell anyway).

Overall, I assert Christianity is absurd, illogical, and hopelessly immoral; and more, a skewed, in fact perpetually false (not to mention falsified ever "rightly" so said, too, also taking its token of pointed direct worth in say) system of theological belief. One which, to make expressive in but the most explicit, stiffest of sense rather— I, Jordan Miguel Adorno, simply cannot be anything but starkly the opponent of. Yes, only on THAT do I cease fire regarding the infused matter of the mighty Christian world and its vast, unending convoluted kingdom.