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  • XBC is a great entertaining site if you enjoy women that kick ass. My Site is dedicated to powerful women on the media. Lucy Lawless as Xena, Sarah Michelle Gellar as Buffy, and Joanie Laurer as Chyna. So click away, and enjoy. You may not come out of this alive.

    Xena: A young girl from Amphipolis, happy and content, until one long day, a Warlord came and took that all away. Killing family and friends that surround her, leading to a path of evil herself. Until one fateful day Hercules, set her on the path of good. But she herself couldn't do it alone, That's when her best friend and side kick Gabrielle came to her side. And helped her on the path of righteousness. And together Xena and Gabrielle fought evil side by side, together.


    Buffy: A young girl, coming of age, like any normal teenager, What to wear, did she choose the right nail polish, High School, and oh ya, killing vampires. Buffy is not a normal teenager, she is born with a destiny, to save the world.... a lot. Together Buffy and friends, grow up together awkward hand in awkward hand, fighting the forces of evil, hoping to make it out of High School alive.


    Chyna: A bad ass wrestler. Come to think of it Joanie Laurer grew up not really liking wrestling, but she manages to pull it off nicely. She's the kind of women that makes beauty and brains look easy. But don't let her fool you. Chyna makes normal women out there look at body building in a whole nother way. She proves that you can be strong and sexy all in one gift wrapped package. Chyna your all women, You Go Girl!

    2x Centrix featuring Chyna due out Novemeber 11, 03
    Tarzan To Be Cancelled?
    >>*Save Tarzan*<<

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