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::Elijah Wood List::

If you found this page, then you're probably a member of my Elijah Wood Email List. I've noticed that quite a few people are confused right now, so I decided to set up a page that'll explain everything a little bit better for you, and in a little bit more detail. I've gotten quite a few questions, so let me try and get to the point.

Who is Elijah Wood?

Elijah Wood is a 21 yr. old actor from the good ol' U S of A. He's appeared in such movies as The Good Son, Flipper, Lord of the Rings, ect. If you'd like to learn more about him, please visit this site by the name of Elijah Fan. They have a lot of great information on him...

What is a list?

A list is simply a group of people who write to one central email address to send to the entire group. For example, you have some Lord of the Rings information you want EVERY Elijah Wood Fan to know. Well, you're on a list, an Elijah WOOD list, so you write to ONE email (which in this case, is and you share your wealth of knowledge. Now, even though you only wrote one email, a good 80 people or so will get your message.

How does a list work?

A list works like this. People share an interest, and want a fast and reliable way to speak with other people who share the same interest. One person will go to a site, such as Topica and will start a list. They'll make an account there, and topica will make an email address. Now, other people who want to join this list, write their email address into a little box, which puts them onto a huge list that's in the list email area. Now, whenever any person from that list writes an email to that list email address, every person that's in that list will recieve a copy of what the original person said. Examples work best. Joey, Timmy, Billy, Sara, and Katie all decided they liked basketball. Katie when to Topica, and decided to make a list, so that she and her friends could share information much faster. She made an account called Joey, Timmy, Billy, and Sara thought it was a great idea, so they went to the home page, and signed up to join the list. Sara wants to know how many people can make a three point shot. So she writes an email to, asking how many people can make three point shots. Joey, Bily, Timmy, Katie, and even Sara get a copy of this message FROM It's the exact message that Sara sent. That's how a list works. It's just a way for people with common interests to talk and get to know eachother.

I've never talked to you before. How'd you get my email address?

I didn't. You must've gone to an Elijah site a while back. What I did, is I had different webmasters agree to link my List Information site. Here's a link to that site if you'd like to see it: Elijah Wood List Information Site. That site'll give the basic explanation of what this site is. I definately encourage you to check it out if you don't know how you got onto the list. Anyhow, I had a couple of Elijah Wood Webmaster's link that in various areas of their site for me. You probably took interest, and hit the 'subscribe' button. This may have been a while ago; the list goes in spurts where it's very active, and where it's not active at all.

How do I get off of the list?

If you were added to the list by mistake, or no longer feel like being a part of it, at the bottom of every message sent from the list email name (which is, there'll be a sentence that says "EASY UNSUBSCRIBE click here: Or send an email to:". Now, if you do want to unsubscribe, please click here to sent an email to unsubscribe, writing 'unsubscribe' in the subject box, or click here to unsub as well. Do either or. Not both.

So what is this list about?

Elijah Wood, naturally. What else would be worth my time? ::Kidding...::

What can I send on the list?

Ah yes, good point. First, I'll start with what you CAN send, then I'll put a list of restrictions and rules. You can send Elijah Wood news, Elijah Wood gossip, a question you may have concerning Elijah Wood, or any general question to get conversation or debate started on the list. Back to my baskeball example, Timmy wants to know what everyone's favorite NBA team is, so he sends a message to and asks "Hey everyone! Who's your favorite NBA team? Why?" That'd be totally acceptable, except done with Elijah Wood. Now, Katie, Sara, Joey, and Billy each have a favorite team, so they each resond to Timmy's message by writing to so that everyone on the list can see. Now, Katie likes the Pistons, but Sara likes the Golden State Warriors. They can debate-a FRIENDLY debate-back on and forth as to which is better. Joey, Billy, and Timmy can add in why they might like the Pistons better than the Warriors, or vice versa. That way, the entire list is talking.

Lists are also a great way to make friends. I have many friends from being on different lists; you get to know people really well. It's great.

Fanfiction! Now, for those of you who DON'T know what fanfiction is, it's a story that a fan writes about their favorite movie, actor, singer, book, ect. In this case, they'd be stories that you, the fan, write about Elijah Wood. If you have any further questions on Fanfiction, please email me or IM me at SpiffyChik12186. I'll explain that in further detail. Anyhow, fanfiction is acceptable to send on this list, with the restriction that it MUST BE ABOUT ELIJAH WOOD, what with this being an Elijah Wood list.

Off topic questions are fine! You're on this Elijah Wood list, but you want to know if anyone else has read the Harry Potter books. That's fine! Just please, remember to mark it as OT (for Off Topic). In the subject box line, you'd write OT: Harry Potter. That's it. Then you could write you're little hearts out about Harry Potter! People can reply to these as well, just be sure that if you DO reply, that it's still marked OT.

Remember Spoilers Spaces, as well. Now, I'll explain spoiler spaces real quick. Let's say you have a question about the end of the Harry Potter and the Prisoner and Azkaban. Well, not everyone on the list has READ Harry Potter and the Prisoner and Azkaban. If you write about the end of the book, you just destroyed the book for anyone who's reading it right now, or is getting ready to read it. They won't be happy. All you do, is write in the email: Spoiler for Harry Potter and the prisoner from Azkaban. After you write that, leave a few spaces blank, or write random things... Just make sure you leave at LEAST twenty spaces that has nothing to do with Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. EX:

Spoiler for Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban!
Ok, now in the Prisoner of Azkaban, I didn't understand...

Then continue to write your sentence. I left twenty spaces so that anyone who didn't want to know the end of the book, didn't. Therefore, I didn't spoil the book for them. Thus the name spoiler spaces. I've seen people use blank spaces, draw pictures in keyboard symbols, write nonsence poems for them... Anything as long as it takes up at least twenty spaces.

You mentioned Things I Can't Say and Do... What Are Those?

Ah yes, the rules. Let's begin...

1) No forwards on the list. REASONING: There are more than 80 people on this list... If everyone sent out two forwards a day, that's 160 emails from the list in your inbox everyday, and that doesn't include the conversational pieces. So, I ask you: please don't send any forwards to Check who you're sending the forward to before you send it. Please.
2)No flaming. REASONING: It's just mean. There's no reason to sit there, and make fun of other people on the list like that. We're all supposed to be FRIENDS! Share the love, mon!
3) No racial/religios/ethnic slurs. Please. REASONING: It's obvious. If I need to tell you about it, email me.
4)No one line emails. REASONING: They're annoying to open, for one. Two, you end up sending out more emails than you need to. If you combine four short emails, then it's all set!
5) No two people conversations. REASONING: If you and another person hit it off, great! Talk outside of the list. Don't send your personal conversation to 80 people. If you guys are talking about how your days at school were or something, and you're only talking to ONE OTHER PERSON, please, keep it off the list. We all have private email addresses, which I'll be making available on this site ASAP.
6) For your safety and mine, no person information on the list. REASONING: I don't want anyone getting killed! AH! Stalkers=bad news, buddy!
7) Please don't come onto the list claiming to be Elijah Wood. REASONING: That's really childish. Extremely childish, even. Don't do it. You tick people off, and start fights.
8) No fighting. REASONING: Debating and fighting are two different things. Debate- "I don't agree with that, because..." Fighting-"You're a moron if you believe that! The REAL reason..." You can see which is nicer. Fighting is very close to flaming. I don't want to deal with it. Be nice when there's a difference of opinion, please... The world'll be happier.

Those are all the rules for now. If you break a major rule, such as the flaming rule, I'll send you a warning email. Break it again, and you'll still be on the list, but you won't be able to send messages. Do it a third time, and I'll be forced to remove you from the list. Sorry, but... I'm looking out for the happiness of 80 people, here.

Where can I reach the moderator of the list at?

Yes, I am the moderator. You can IM me at SpiffyChik12186 or email me at

Does Elijah Wood read this?

Doubtful. Actually, I can nearly guarentee that he doesn't. Sorry, but... It's a really small list in comparison, and I'm sure Mr. Wood probably doesn't even know that it exists.

Have you ever met Elijah Wood?

No, unfortunately, I haven't had the pleasure. ::Sighs:: Hopefully someday. Until then, writing and reading fanfiction keeps me happy.

Do you know how to contact Elijah Wood?

I'm afraid I don't. I don't have an email address, phone number, address, or a magic wand to magically find him... Ah, but the stories that I could tell if I did...

How old are you?

I am 16... Almost 17. My birthday is 1.21.86... Lots of presents!

What's your name?

I am Vicky. Vicky the Great. Yes, that is me... Yes, yes, of course...

Where do you live?

In the USA. Lucky me. Yes, but I live in Michigan... Terrible, terrible state if I've ever known one... Very dull, until you get into the Detroit area... Now THAT is fun.

If you think of any other questions I didn't address on this page, please email me or IM me. Thanks again! And I hope you have a GREAT time on the list!

Helpful Resources

Elijah Chico- Great fanfiction site. It doesn't really explain what fanfiction IS, it's a hosting site FOR fanfiction. Great stories. Some of the only DECENT ones for Elijah that I've found on the web. My story, Paradise Cove, is hosted there. You should check out the site though... And the webmistress is a DOLL. I love her. Vik hearts Mer.

Elijah Fan-One of the greatest sites I've found for information on Elijah. Great articles, biography, and pictures. Muy bienos!

Rolling Stones Interview-Greatest interview with Elijah that I've ever seen. ::sighs:: WHy couldn't I be the reporter? Anyway, I'm not sure it's still up, but you can give it a shot...

Concerning Elijah-One of the more humorous Elijah sites I've found. Very well done. The info's not great, but that's what Elijah Fan is for, after all...

Fanfiction FAQ-It's actually for Harry Potter, but it explains the world of fanfiction FAR better than I ever could... So if you're interested in learning about it, check it out. Great resource.

Elijah Wood List Homepage-Easy reasource for the list... And if you're not currently a member, and would like be, just click that link to join!