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TV Gal Wanted: Superstars for 2002
YM Magazine Special

Objective: To prove that WB heartthrobs can act too.

Skills: Flashing his steel blue eyes; making Superman fanatics cool again.

2001: Smallville, Clark Kent. The sxtraordinary kid who eventually becomes the supehero. Won a nation wide search for "fresh faces" to score the leading role. The show's premiere snagged more viewers than any other WB debut.
1999: Judging Amy, Rob Meitzer. The 10-years-younger love interest of Amy Brenneman's character who's also her daughter's karate instructor. "It was a great role-- a three episode job. Over Christmas, they aired the episodes and got such good feedback that they brought me back for three more. It was actually Amy's first love affair on the show, so I think the fans were liking that story."

Education: High School theater productions in New York. "I wasn't the most popular guy. I was just normal."
Watching Warren Beatty and Harrison Ford movies.

Special Interests: Basketball, running and reading. "If I were invincible, maybe I would take up some extreme sports."
A very lucky, unnamed girlfriend. "I've chosen to be in this public position and she hasn't, so I'm going to try to respect her."
Number one turn on: a nice smile.

Number one turn off: rudeness.