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Tom Welling

the WB network

Sheep Suck: "I like people who do their own thing. I don't like people who do what other people are doing and don't even know why."

Not Quite "Hanging 10": "I try to surf, but I'm not very good. I tried to teach myself last summer and got better, but I'm by no means a surfer."

East vs West: "Both coasts have their pulsses. New York has excitement and an energy that never ceases. In Los Angeles, you can get into your car, drive 2 hours and be in a national forest, or drive 45 minutes and be at the beach."

TV Father Knows Best: "I asked John (his on-camera foster dad) if he could give me one piece of advice, what would it be. And he came to me about 15 minutes later and said, 'Okay, I've got it. The one thing I've narrowed it down to is: Save your money.'"

Outfit By Snookums: "I usually listen to my girlfriend about what to wear. She has a very good sense of style."