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You Know You're A Tommy Girl When . . .

. . . the first and last thing you see every day is Thomas J. Welling.

. . . even though you're way over 16, you still flip through teen mags hoping to catch a glimpse of him.

. . . you record every episode of 'Smallville' and watch them repeatedly during the week.

. . . your finger tends to get frozen on the pause button.

. . . you pick out 'Tom' features on guys.

. . . you've missed your wedding/anniversary/birthday/etc., to watch Smallville.

. . .You've caught yourself scribbling the name 'Tom Welling' in notebooks, addressbooks, sketchbooks, textbooks, etc.,

. . . talking, as well as all other noise, is strictly prohibited whilst Tom is on the screen

. . . you've sent your husband/boyfriend/parents/ out of the house when they violate the above rule.

. . . 9pm Tuesday nights are more important than any other day during the week

. . .You signed up for Karate lessons after seeing Tom on 'Judging Amy'.

. . . your dreams all have the same reoccuring theme.

. . . whenever someone brings up "Smallville" in conversation, everyone stops and looks at you.

. . . all yout bookmarks on the internet have the words 'Tom Welling' in them.

. . . your husband/boyfriend is contemplating taking you to see a shrink after seeing your reactions to Tom on the screen. (Don't fight 'em on that too hard, you probably do need one. . .)

. . . when kissing your husband/boyfriend, deep down inside you think 'I bet that Tom is way better at this' [sigh: not that we'll ever know

. . . you've skipped work/school/etc., to make a pilgrimage to Vancouver, hoping to catch a glimpse.

. . . suddenly Vancouver is sounding like a nice place to live.

. . . EBay just loves you because you've spent every last dime on Smallville paraphanelia.

. . .you've lost sleep agonizing over just what that gosh darn "J" stands for!

. . . Tom is at the top of your Christmas wish list *and* New Years Resolutions. [I will meet him, I will meet him. . .