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Thoughts on Tom and Smallville. . .

In a contest recently held by this site, there were some very interesting comments made on Tom and Smallville. Here are just a few of some of the great responses to the question:

why do you love Tom or Smallville?

I love Smallville because it is so good! It is the only new show I watch this year and I dropped a whole bunch of old shows like Dawson's Creek, ER and Charmed because they got boring. I wasn't going to stay with Smallville if it wasn't great and it definitely surpassed my expectations. Clark is a wonderful actor, but Michael, Kristen and the whole cast are really great too. Sometimes I watch the same episode twice a week because I just can't get enough! Smallville Rules! --Matt Watson

In hopes that I'll win that Smallville poster you are so kindly willing to give away, I thought I'd give this contest a try. I'm not the best writer in the world so please forgive and consider me.=) I've always been interested in Superman, but was too young to remember much about it. I've been following "Smallville" since I first heard about it in May. I have never anticipated a tv show for this long before. The premise sounded incredible and interesting. The cast is what interested me the most. The advertising knocked me off my feet. Tom Welling is beautiful and I have never been in love with such a celebrity in my life. I bought a bunch of mags just because he was in it. Since they film in Vancouver, I've been to the filming locations, twice, standing in the pouring rain for hours trying to see something... anything.

I'm obsessed, I tell ya. And this obsessed fan needs a Smallville poster! If only I had a credit card, I'd buy it off Ebay, but I don't. Pity me. This is the only chance for me to get a poster. I love the show dearly. Recorded every episode. Watched them a million times. I love the show this much why? It's a well written show. It's mixed with action, teen-angst, romance, friendship, family and even ambigous gay vibes from Lex and Clark. It has everything for everybody. Not to mention Tom Welling and Michael is not bad to look at. Though, the villian of the week is kinda redundant, I have high hopes for this show. I know the future eps will be different and unique. It's a show that has direction and promise. It's a unique conept they are toying with... It's superman before he was superman... it's Clark Kent when he was a teenager! This show made me watch Superman 1,2,&3 again. This show made me go stalk a bunch of locations. This show made me spend hours on end on the internet. It's just that good dammit. I love the music and cinematography of the show. I love the all quirky lines and even the lame ones. I love all the subtle symbolism. Does Clark ever not wear red or blue? Lex is always wearing black. I love, I love, I LOVE IT!

I remember the Superboy TV show from the 80's. It is hard to remember much about it, since I was just a child, but I can tell that Smallville has hit the right mark. Clark and Lex are on oppisite ends of a spectrum, but fate has tied them together. As in UNBREAKABLE, I love the fact that the two main characters are best friends. It adds to the sympathy we give to the enemy, as humans. Everything we have come to love about the man of steel is represented here, which should let viewers fall in love with Clark Kent, who is a Superman. --- David Pickett

Hi, my name is Christel Teves and I love Smallville, especially TOM WELLING! Can a guy be that hot? Anyways I wrote a little poem to profess my love for him: Oh Tommy
Oh Tommy you're so fine,
I so wanna make you mine.
Oh Tommy you're so cute,
Your look doesn't make me puke.
Oh Tommy you're so manly,
Tommy, Tommy, manly, manly.
Oh Tommy you're so purrfect,
Tell me when I've hit your target!
Oh Tommy you're my honey,
I'm Winnie the Pooh,
And I've come to eat your honey.
Oh Tommy you're the best!
My heart goes under cardiac arrest
Whenever I see your perfect chest!
Oh Tommy you're so sexy,
I don't know what to say...
But hey just flex me ;)
Oh Tommy this poem's crap,
Ooooh honey I wanna catch you in my trap!

Ok maybe I'm a little too obsessed. I love you Tom!!!

(and another poem). . .

Thomas J is oh so sweet,
He makes me wanna cry!
Iím in heaven evíry time I see
His gorgeous sparkling eyes.

My pulse just beats right off the chart
From his powerful physique
And when he smiles he wins my heart:
And makes my knees go weak!

Iíll never know him, sad to say,
But still thatís quite alright.
ĎCause heís all mine, in that special way:
Every Tuesday night!
---Hanna Sandusky