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There's Something About Tom.
Actually, there are many things about this rising young star that we could spend all day chatting about. But it is much more fun to have Tom do the talking himself. Enjoy!


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Well ladies, we knew this one was coming: Smallvillenews.Com has reported that Tom Welling is going to be married to his fiancee Jamie this coming July. The couple appeared together last night on the Golden Globe Awards. See our board to share your thoughts.

Speaking of the Golden Globes, click here for a clip of Tom at the Pre-Show.

-01/16/02- Contest results are in! Click here!
-12/24/01--A New look on my smallville page, and some new photos added.
Gosh, do you think that people are finally starting to catch on to Tommy? He has a feature in as well as the new issue of People Magazine! (oh yeah- new pics added to the gallery also!)
New addition to the fan art section & check out the new contest by following the link below!
Read Tom's feature in the Dec. 21-28th edition of Entertainment Weekly. Click here.!
Ah yes, there is justice in this world! Thanks to Lynda of who has brought it to my attention that Mr. Thomas J has been voted 'the Most Beautiful Man of December 2001"! You have *got* to check it out: click here!
Tom Welling is appearing on the cover of TV Guide's Dec. 8th issue in a fabulous comic book inspired rendering. (Along with Smallville's Kristin Kreuk, Michael Rosenbaum and DC's original Man of Steel). For TV Guide's special Smallville site, click here. Or read the magazine aritcle.
The December issue of YM Magazine has named Tom Wellling 'the cutest guy on T.V.' Awwww, shucks. Ain't that the truth!
tom welling is on the cover of the november 23rd, entertainment weekly. click here for the article.

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