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From Zeroes to Heroes
''Smallville'''s Clark Kent has big shoes to fill. EW traces superteens throughout history by Dalton Ross

Being a superpowered teen may sound like a sweet deal, but it involves the same dramas and traumas that regular high schoolers deal with every day. The WB's ''Smallville'' (Tuesdays at 9 p.m.) is the latest to follow the growing pains of a young Clark Kent, but how does the new Boy of Steel stack up to previous adolescent keepers of the cape? Up, up, and away we go.

SMALLVILLE (with Tom Welling) Fashion Style Superstud or J. Crew model? You be the judge. Who's Your Daddy? Bo Duke (a.k.a. John Schneider). Best Buddy Lex Luthor. Say wha? Archenemies Various villains, including one electro-powered supergeek. Smells Like Teen Angst ''I just want to go through high school without being a total loser.'' Super Ego ''Don't mess with me right now!'' he warns a jock...right before getting his butt kicked. Showboating Skills Throws his arm into a wood chipper. Why? Because he can.