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All About Tom

Is it possible that when Jerry Siegel and Joel Schuster first came up with their 'Superman' character over sixty years ago that they were envisioning Mr. Tom Welling? I'd venture to say. . . yes! At around 6'3 (yikes!) enourmous hazel eyes (yow!) dark black hair (sigh) and more than his fair share of sex appeal, the 24 year old is a natural man of steel. He delivers a one, two punch: knocking out the old Clark Kent clichés (Buddy Holly glasses and business suit) with a little something called humanity.

He was born in April 24, 1977 in New York and spent much of his life there in Putnam Valley. As far as his career goes, growing up the only 'acting' he really did was in High School for the school plays. (That's Okemos High School in Okemos, Michigan.) Welling spent time modeling (aren't we all shocked) with the Lousia Modeling Agency-- one of the premiere modeling agencies in the country-- for some pretty big names and not too long ago was still auditioning for commercials. It was just recently that Welling decided to give the West Coast a try and that is when he first came to the public's attention. He landed a reoccurring role on CBS's hit Judging Amy playing the title character's love interest-'Karate Rob.' His spot created waves for two reasons: he was ten years younger than 'Amy' and was her daughter's karate instructor. Very intereting. . .

Casting directors for the WB's Smallville said that Welling was a natural play the adolescent man of steel. Casting conducted a nationwide search for a new face and, according to them, 'As soon as he walked in, we knew.' Welling says that during the auditions "I found myself saying and doing things that were very cliché. After thinking about it for few days, I finally said to myself 'just play him as a normal kid; forget about those other elements.' I think it paid off."

It certainly did! Thanks to his sensitive portrayal of the crucial main character, Smallville's success has sent his career charging forward. You know, kind of like a speeding bullet.

Vital Stats

birthdate: April 24, 1977

cameo: very brief appearance as frat boy on the first episode of the WB's Undeclared

favorite pasttimes: reading, playing basketball and running.

single? take out the kleenex, ladies. He's got a fiance. A lady named Jamie and the two plan to be married this July. Best wishes, Tom!

Check back often, as I plan to add to Tom's bio as we learn more. . .