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Tom Cruise Dreams

Here are my Tom Cruise dreams that I have dreamed about. Song playing now is Dreams by The Cranberries from the movie Mission Impossible. 1) I walked down the red carpet w/ him holding my hand at the Academy Awards. 2) A dream about him telling me all his secrets & smiling while doing this. 3) I dream that I have a Tom store that sells merchandise on him & you can sell your stuff there too. 4) I have a book on him w/ moving pictures from VS w/ him & Pen (b & w), another picture is coloured, but cartoonish of a movie of him w/ this kid which is an old movie, but I've never seen it before. 5) I go to see a new movie of his w/ the concept of masks like in all his other movies like VS, EWS, MI. After having this dream I noticed that a lot of Tom's movies have masks in them. 6) Tom has a biological son & he is lost & we have to look for him. I think we found him. His son looks so much like him. 7) I had a dream a couple of days ago. It was about me & these people singing You've Lost That Loving Feeling, maybe w/ my sister & maybe w/ the people from the Tom Cruise forum, he, he, maybe it was a meeting w/ them & they & me were singing that, lol, that would be cool 8) I had a dream about Tom last night. I don't remember it all that clearly, but it was someone for one second & then it was Tom. I remember him looking like he does now from TLS w/ a beard & he had this big smile on his face. The dream just made me smile when I got up. 9) I had a dream of Tom. He was wearing all white, white pants & suit. I had two boyfriends him & another guy. The other guy seemed jealous of Tom. The other guy had a beard & Tom did not. Tom was clean cut. Tom looked so sexy in my dream. Then I remember seeing him on t.v. I think I was watching The Last Samurai. I also see Tom w/ Gywneth Paltrow & they are sitting on a couch or something. Tom is wearing dark glasses to cover his eyes. At that point he looks like the style from The Last Samurai. Beard & long hair. I see him & want to say something to him, but I don't. I might have been too nervous to do it. Tom & Gywn remind me of when they were in Austin Powers: Goldmember together. 10) I had this dream that I was in this big place like a concert theatre or something. Tom was there & he was promoting TLS. It seemed like I was at the premiere or something. He was talking about it I think. Then I noticed that I am at my house's veranda just standing there & beside my house Tom is doing his TLS fighting moves w/ this other guy. Maybe he was showing me them or something. I think I had this dream because my sister got me this book on Tom & I remember seeing his face on the cover & then dreaming about him. 11) I have this dream where I am outside & Tom is in a house & looking at me w/ this tough look on his face. I don't know what this means, but I really like that rebel look on him. Now that I realize it, the look looks like the picture I have on one of my CD covers that I made. He is wearing a white short sleeve shirt in the picture, keeping his hand on this pole & it says Tom Cruise in the right hand top corner. 12) Ok, I had a dream I think it was yesterday or something like that. I was going to this Vanilla Sky premiere (but what makes it weird is that Vanilla Sky is already out of theatres) in my hometown theatre. I was w/ my mother, uncle's girlfriend & my sister. Then all I remember is that there were too many people there & I didn't get a chance to go to it. 13) He looked like he was from The Outsiders in my dream. He was in jail, but it was outside. Then he got out. Then I see him in a kilt & dancing an Irish gig w/ people. 14) I'm in sort of like a stage siting in the audience. There are pictures/stickers/postcards of pictures of different actors & some of are of Tom. Some of them are autographed. I am looking for the ones of Tom. I wanted this particular one, but it disappeared into the pile. There are other people there too. Then Tom comes out & he is on the side of the audience's seats, just looking beautiful as always. She has medium length brown hair, highlighted blonde in a suit. 15) I had a dream about Tom again, well not about him but reading about him, but still. I was in a supermarket reading a magazine/newspaper. I'm reading about an article about Tom & Nicole & I see this huge, long picture of her only & a small picture of Tom. I thought there would be more pictures of him, but there wasn't & I'm wondering if he is on the cover, then why aren't there more pics of him? Ok, so I'm reading about this scandal we hear about him & Nic getting back together again or something. I don't think it mentions Penelope. Ok, this article now looks like its an interview w/ Nic, ok, I'm remembering now. She is saying something about Tom maybe that she doesn't want him back & that he was begging her to take him back. She might have been laughing in this pic (maybe mocking him). Oh, what a b----! The magazine was In Touch magazine. I think maybe this a tabloid magazine that I'm reading. I think she is acting like she is the victim again or something. Come to think of it. I don't like this dream one bit! 16) I have a dream about watching Collateral on DVD & looking at the back of the DVD cover & seeing words like action words in bold like POW! I see Tom in his white hair, holding a gun. 17) The dream is that we're in this field & he's wearing the armour from TLS & I'm in this maiden dress & we are riding on this horse together!! ~Sigh~ 18) I'm remembering a dream about Tom. I am in the water & in the deep end, which I cannot swim in then Tom is there to comfort me & he is holding me & I feel safe. 19) I dream that I am watching Tom & Jamie watch their movie Collateral together. But it looks like Tom has the grey hair when he is watching it. I think the theatre is a Paramount theatre, unless Collateral is from Paramount, I can't remember. Then I see them in this crowded subway & Jada is there & I think Tom is together w/ her in a relationship. 20) I am watching t.v. & I see people from the Tom Cruise board & a lot of them are revealing their identities at the bottom of the screen. Some of them I don't remember their identity, but one of them was Legacy. I think also they were talking about this board. 21) All I can say is that Tom was outside of this house & he was chasing me (I'm in this sort of wagon or something running on the street) & I reach out for him to catch me. Then he is on me! Then I on him. He looked the way he did for The Last Samurai. Oh, I love this dream. At first I was shocked, but I like it. I also wanted to give Tom a child. 22) Tom is running w/ Dakota Fanning for his new movie WOTW. I am running after him, trying to catch up to him. The road/street where he is running looks like downtown where I live. I finally catch up to him, but now I'm on a different road with him & my sister. I shake his hand only & it feels warm. I think my hand felt cool/cold. He has short hair & is in a navy blue suit w/ a white shirt underneath. I asked him some stupid question that I can't remember. I wish I should have said more! 23) I have a dream where I am going to the Golden Globes and the theatre where it will be held is not very big and it seems like a conference room w/ only a little people in it. I come in wearing this big hat. I am late, but thankfully there is a seat nearby at the front or second or third row but its on the left side closest to the podium. Tom is there and his hair is not really short, but below his ears or something and he is wearing a suit. He is smiling and I think so am I. It seems like this is a rehearsal or something because he is getting comfortable w/ the audience and going around to them and saying hi and stuff and smiling at them. Then he is coming to me and I think that I ask him if I can get a hug and he lets me and I think I touch his butt, but then I have a reenactment in my head where I don't do it because that wouldn't be very nice. I think I am also blushing. 24) I dreamnt that I was watching TLS DVD (haven't watched it yet), but when I was at the menu and you click on text you could actually hear Tom's voice saying the word, so cool & I clicked on play & I see that girl from TLS on there shooting a scene where she is on a trapezee or something & then you can pick which scene you want, even a scene w/ her in a bra & panties & I was like what the hell I want to see Tom! So I was thinking maybe this is the second DVD or something. 25) I had a dream where Tom was Vincent from Collateral. This Indian princess was w/ me arm & arm & suddenly she takes her own life, but the police doesn't believe this so Vincent runs away so they suspect that he murdered her. I run after Vincent & I don't want him to run away & stay w/ me, but if he has to, he should give me a kiss & he does, wow, what a sweet kiss! I wanted to do more! 26) I dream that I'm looking at these magazine cutouts of Tom but I haven't even seen these in real life. I'm thinking to myself maybe I should scan these & Annie can put them on the board! 27) I had a dream where I was in this theatre & I wanted to see a new movie, but instead they were showing IWTV & I think students were criticing it or something & I didn't want to see it because I already have it at home. I think I also had this other dream, but all I remember is Tom's head & nothing else. 28) This was a couple of days ago. I see a place (don't know where) & this girl from Suddenly Susan (red head, forgot her name) is there & she has these two boxes & in the boxes are robes that Tom wore for TLS. She said she was keeping one for herself & one for her friend. But I wanted one, why didn't she give it to me? 29) I have another dream today. I see Tom on this like veranda/porch just sitting there. I am below this thing & I'm touching out to him & touching his hand & saying something to him (have no idea what). Then I'm sitting on the opposite side of him. He has really short hair. I am really to commit to him & do something... ahem ... w/ him. I next see him lying on the bed, but then he tells me no he has a fiancee. I think he said it was Rebecca DeMornay or Kelly McGillis. I am so angry about this & I'm chasing him through my house & have my hands on his neck ready to strangle him, but then I hug him & start to cry. I am very sad at the end. <bgsound src="">

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