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FHM Cover Girls: Sharon Case

Did your FHM photo shoot get a bit steamy?
It was fun. Every outfit I was had on was lingerie. I walked around hardly wearing any clothes. Then I wasn’t wearing any clothes—at all. It was one of those really good shoots where I was comfortable and it was no big deal that I was naked. It just seemed natural to be walking around in my bra and underwear. I was very free.

Is working on a soap good training for nude walking?
Definitely. I was nervous the first time I was on The Young And The Restless set naked—all day. And since then, I’ve really gotten use to it. Because I‘ve been working with this crew for more than seven years, they’ve seen me naked and they don’t care if they ever see me naked again. I like doing nude scenes when you can be naked, and feel comfortable and sexy. I really enjoy that.

What do you wear on the top for the steamy love scenes?
There have been times when I’m not wearing anything but those little stickers, those flower stickers on my breasts! I have to at least wear those.

How is fake sex with a fake husband?
It’s weird, I still don’t understand how it can happen, but it does! I mean, I have this normal, natural relationship with my co-star Joshua Morrow. It just so happens that for our jobs, we get in bed naked together. It sounds strange, but when we’re at work it’s very serious.

What’s the first thing that pops into your mind when the word “lingerie” is mentioned?
Pretty. Feminine. Sexy. I love lingerie. Lingerie and evening gowns make me feel so good.

Got a favorite piece?
I like the see-through stuff. I really like basic black and white with the meshy, see-through material. I think that’s really simple and sexy.

What should men know before stepping foot in the lingerie department?
Be comfortable. When I’m in Victoria’s Secret, all the guys seem so uncomfortable. They look like they can’t speak and they’re wedged up against the wall someplace. I don’t know what they’re doing—deviants, maybe. They don’t know what to do. I think they feel like they’re imposing when they walk into the store. And remember, you can’t go wrong with any kind of lingerie.

Soft and sweet,
Makes men’s hearts beat.
The cotton kind is fun,
The garters I never shun
But it’s the red thongs
that leave
The sex webs spun